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Love This Pic!

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Frigging Insanity Tonight!


The Tot is in rare form tonight,  for some reason he wants me to be glued to his side and NEVER leave… only Chunky is screaming his head off every time I leave him alone! 

And Monkey Boy,  who has been driving his mother crazy all day decides he’s had enough of being down in his man cave alone,  walks into the living room where Chunky is watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates and changes the program to one of his shows which the Chunk has no interest in,  so he’s screaming again now. And when I tell Monkey Boy why did he just do that HE catches an attitude with me!

And my wife’s back is in extreme pain and she’s trying to do research for her writing in the middle of this lunacy, so needless to say she’s overwhelmed and close to losing it herself.

Welcome to Casa de Crazy folks.  Where lunacy reigns supreme!



The Flash and The Arrow

Every parent of an ASD child has heard it. .. and energy one of us has had to choke down the urge to choke the person who said it. .. truth is for the most part,  you wouldn’t be able to tell if someone on the spectrum just by looking at them. 

To prove it I’m going to post pics of my ASD family.  And you know what?  I challenge every and anyone who sees this blog to share it and I challenge you to post pics of your ASD family too. (Or if yourself if you are on the spectrum) Let’s show everyone how beautiful autism can be.  Yrs it can be frustrating,  debilitating and down right ridiculous sometimes…. but let’s illustrate that it’s not something readily recognizable!

My kids and my wife are downright beautiful! 


Monkey Sk8r Boy


Monkey Boy got highlights!


Cowboy Tantrum Tot


Making Smores!


Aspie Teen


Aspie Teen incognito


Aspie Writer aka Wifey


Aspie Writer and The Tot


Chunky Monkey


Crazy CHunky

So you want to know what autism looks like?  It looks beautiful don’t ya think?

I love this recipe.  It’s simple prep,  simple cooking and it’s delicious!  The first time I made this recipe Aspie Teen literally licked his plate clean.  Now, he won’t even look at it and will make himself an entirely different dish if I make it. 

I’ve made this for friends who’ve loved it,  and I took it to work and watched it disappear,  so I know it’s good! But if your house is anything like mine, and you have to make three different dinners for the spectrum members of your family,  you know the frustration of saying never mind to making the dishes you would want cause it’s just not worth the bother of making it for one or two people when you have to make something different entirely for everyone else.

BUT, if perchance you are looking for something fairly easy and different,  here it is.  Enjoy. May the force be with you when you want to prepare it.

Salsa Chicken

Boneless chicken breasts or tender chunks
1 packet taco seasoning
1 jar salsa (mild or medium is up to you)
1 brick Monterey Jack cheese

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Clean chicken breasts/chunks and place in baking pan.

Season chicken to taste (I usually use a little salt and garlic powder).

Add taco seasoning to chicken,  cover evenly.

Cover chicken in salsa.

Bake in oven for approximately 30-45 minutes depending on how thick the chicken pieces are,  or until chicken runs clear. 

Shred the cheese and cover chicken evenly.  Bake another 3-5 minutes to melt cheese.

Serve chicken with a side of sour cream or guacamole on the plate. A good side dish is rice or salad or both.


Our Six Flags Adventure

What a day!  Overall the trip went well.  There was virtually no traffic on the way there or back. The biggest hiccup was when we first got there.  I kid you not, it took TWO HOURS to process us into that park!  AND we are season pass holders! 

It took about an hour and forty minutes to get through Guest Relations when we got there,  and another twenty minutes at Hospitality before we were able to go do something with the kids!  The Tot was melting down,  Chunky was melting down,   Monkey Boy was losing it,  and my wife was so overwhelmed,  she was losing speech!  It didn’t help that right when you first walk in they have their speakers blaring loud music.  Couple that with all the freaking melt downs going on around  us even I was starting to lose it! 

Once we made it through Hospitality,  we went to get our season pass drink cups,  which almost resulted in kids getting decimated.  Then it was very close to the time we had to get our first meals on the meal plan, or we wouldn’t be able to get anything to eat till dinner time! 

Well by then the Tot had had enough and I had to take him on a ride quick,  while everyone else was getting food or he was going to stake me out for the crows! 

Once we got on line at that first ride though,  he immediately returned to happy Tot.  I mean after a forty minute meltdown! 

Now I will say they did have great accommodations for us,  letting us utilize their immediate access pass program, which meant the kids got a wristband which enabled them to go to the exit area,  show the staff their bands and get in immediately along with four people with them. And they had child swap services as well!

The rest of the day went pretty damn good though, with Chunky getting a chance to ride some things for the first time too, although in the midst of $20 million rides and attractions his favorite activity was playing in puddles at the splash pad!  The Tot didn’t have any more meltdowns after the initial one all day!  There was some things he did but they were minor and overall he had an amazing day!

Monkey Boy hung out with our old neighbors the entire day which he really needed, and I was SO thankful to them for taking him and letting him hang with them! 

The funniest thing though, was that Rocky was probably the biggest attraction in that park!  I can’t tell you how many times we were stopped by people wanting to know about how he helped,  who trains him etc. I’m going to start having to carry  out SDWR pamphlets when I go back out!

All in all though,  It was great to see and hang with our neighbors, and the excursion, while exhausting and exhausting,  did I mention exhausting?  Was a good one.  Here are some pics from the day. Enjoy.


The Tot, Chunky and I on a train ride


The Tot in a car ride which he loved


Chunky playing in his puddle


Wifey CHunky and the Tot


The Tot playing with Rocky


Monkey Boy and his friend


Monkey Boy and our old neighbors


Me looking all bemused

We are attempting to take our tribe and our old neighbors from S.C. tribe and Rocky to Six Flags today.  Wifey of course is already having spasms because we are leaving several hours behind schedule.  You would think she would be used to that by now.

Aspie Teen is pulling his usual passive resistant B.S. which is going to get his head slapped.

My patience has been running really low,  more like virtually non existent for a while now.  I’ll post about whether or not we all survive the trip later.

Let us pray.


I haven’t blogged much lately,  since mom’s death,  moving etc. I haven’t had the energy, the inspiration or the desire to care too much to write anything.

But since it’s 2:30 a.m. and I’m stuck on the sofa with Chunky, I figured I’d throw a quick one up. 

Tuesday evening after work was challenging. My wife was feeling kind of crappy, after having to run Aspie Teen to the E.R. for a nosebleed that wouldn’t stop for over an hour.  Luckily my wonderful sister in law has been staying with us and stayed at home with the kids.

Anyway when I got home from work,  I did my Tasmanian devil routine,


straightened out the kitchen and dining room,  did the dishes in the sink, and cooked a quick dinner for everyone.  Of course while I was cooking was when the Tot broke the screen door right off the frame!

My wife went to bed early, due to her being completely overwhelmed,  which means that the Tot went in to the room about 20 times to bother her.  The monster in law was being her usual  useless annoying self, and the Tot started melting down cause his cousin is leaving today.

And of course this the first late night of my duty officer shift., so when the Tot comes home from day care his cousin will be gone and I know the mother of all meltdowns is imminent and my wife will be here all by herself to deal with it all alone!

So at 2:00 a.m.  I heard Chunky screaming and went to give him a bottle only to find someone else had given him one. But he was still screaming his head off.  My brother and sister in law were in the room right next door and the Tot was in his bed in the same room,  so I brought Chunky down to my room and put Mickey Mouse on my Fire T.V. on,  only to have it say I was low on band width and couldn’t play the show right after I got him quieted down on my pillow!

So I brought him out to the living room to watch Netflix via my blue ray player which seems to play better.  Then while I’m trying to get him settled down, the Tot comes down the stairs!  So now I’m jumping over the baby gate to get him cause I have another gate across my bedroom door that he can’t get over by himself, and my pajamas get caught on the gate while I’m straddled over it!

I got the Tot settled in my bed and now I’m on the sofa with Chunky watching Celery Night Fever by Veggie Tales! Luckily I don’t go in to work till 12:00 later! 


Please God,  let this kid fall back asleep!

The Circle Of Madness

We are in the midst of buying a new house, which took way longer than expected/needed it to.  But finally we are done, we closed, and now our furniture can’t be delivered till the 16th, we have to be out of the rental house we’re in by the 15th, but we have to go have my mother’s funeral/memorial service on the 13th (SO much idiotic drama involved with that, that I can’t even speak about it),  to come back up here on the 15th and spend the night in an empty house so we can be there when our stuff is delivered. And oh yeah we have to have the place we’re in now cleaned too!

During all this madness and ridiculousness, we had to have Monkey Boy’s 11th birthday, wifey’s birthday is on the 19th, and Mother’s Day are all thrown in there for good measure. 

By the time this is all said and done,  I may have to sell my spleen, or my blood,  (or maybe if I’m lucky one of my kids) (JUST KIDDING) on E-Bay just to buy groceries.

We’ve been trying to bring stuff over to the new place little by little,  but the kids, although being good for them,  are really not conducive to any kind of work effort.  My wife is suffering from overload so badly, that she’s losing her words/ability to speak on a daily basis.

And to make matters worse, the monster in law has stayed in our house for a month,  refusing to go home and being such a b*#$! that she has me at the point that the sound of her voice,  makes me want to strangle her! And now today, where we have to make a major push on packing/cleaning, she says she’s going home! 

Not to start Mother’s Day on a bad note, but may she fall asleep under a camel with post nasal drip!


Fare Thee Well…

It it’s with greatest sorrow that I have to say good bye to my mother who passed away this morning.

She had been sick,  suffering from dementia , Alzheimer’s and refusing to eat. She was on a feeding tube and her body just couldn’t take anymore.

She raised 7 kids,  oft time by herself, on little to no money at all.  She was loved and respected by everyone who knew her,  she was a woman of deep conviction and intensely strong faith, who did her best to “raise her children up in the way they should go”.

Every Christmas she’d make her famous puding de pan, which is bread pudding, she’s make 7 trays and give 6 of them away to people in the church even though she knew I could eat 4 trays all by myself. 

She leaves behind 4 daughters,  1 remaining son,  (me) and around 11 grandkids,  (there may be 1 or 2 more I’m not sure) and a host of people who will remember her for all the love she demonstrated to them.


My mother at my house


My mother holding Chunky

Saturday we took the kids to a festival the next town over. Monkey Boy wanted to race in a go kart race they held. So we bought him a go cart we found on craigslist and entered him in. I spray painted it black and painted Batman symbols all over it. He loved it. We were finishing it up the night before the festival and him and I got to hang out in the basement painting it and watching Let It Shine on Netflix. It was a good night.

MB and has Batmobile

MB and has Batmobile

Then the next morning him and I took the cart in the Jeep and went out there at 8:30 in the morning for practice runs…man was it FREAKING COLD!!!! I can’t believe how cold it was in the end of April!!! And of course I had left my hat and gloves in my desk drawer at work!

Well the rest of this tribe met us there at 11:00 a.m. despite the Monster In Laws usual idiocy prior to leaving and Aspie Teen’s passive resistance ridiculousness that he pulls every time we make him leave the house and the fact that I had to run back home and drop off my wife’s van keys which were in my coat pocket from the night before. (Yeah THAT went over well).

Well the day was going well unit the To had a (I shit you not) hour long meltdown, because he couldn’t race the cart down the hill in the race. So he sat in the cart and Monkey Boy couldn’t race in HIS cart and he couldn’t use HIS helmet (everything is his don’t ya know?).

The Tot making his stand

The Tot making his stand

He didn’t calm down until I let him go down the hill in the cart on the other side of the track, wearing the helmet of course…then he was happy tot again…..I could’ve killed him!


Me carrying the Tot back UP the hill

Monkey Boy even entered a pie eating contest! He’s never even eating pie as far as I can tell! And he got his pic in the paper looking too cool too!

Eating pie with perfect hair!

Eating pie with perfect hair!

I don’t know what the locals thought of our autistic family…but the kids had fun and that was the whole point of it anyway.

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