I realized after I wrote the first blog I posted “Decompression: Night & Day Differences”, that I had just posted this with no background, no introduction..nada…of course I thought that my About Me page would be a sufficient introduction, and of course my wife Aspie Writer reinforced that it just wouldn’t do, so I’m writing this intro blog, to introduce you to me,  It’s not a long intro, but here it goes.

My name is Mark, I am a 40 year old Puerto Rican, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I come from a family of 7 kids, of which I am the middle child, (and YES I did have Jan Brady syndrome LOL).  I have three boys, Mini Me (Aspie Teen), Mini Me II The Sequel, (Aspie Monkey Boy) and Aspie Baby (Mini Me III The Clone Wars), (I told my wife back in biblical days, she’d be worth much cattle, for giving me three boys), of all whom I truly believe are on the autism spectrum, however finding anyone in this area who will diagnose them has proven to be incredibly difficult. My wife has taken all three of our boys with her to see the doctor who diagnosed her, and though he doesn’t diagnose children, he’s told her from what he sees, we are most likely correct. And oh yeah,  though I’m not on the spectrum myself, I do struggle with ADD, and all the joys that brings, such as having the attention span of toast, virtually no short term memory, and keeping myself pointed in one direction to name a few.

I currently live in South Carolina, due to my job. I’ve also lived in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Mississippi.

If you reached this blog through a  refferal  through my wife’s blog, Aspie Writer, you may have already read one of my posts on her blog; I Married An Aspie, which apparently was a very popular post.

The other day my wife and I were talking about something and I said, See! This is something that I should blog about, from the NT (neuro-typical) perspective! I’m sure I’m not the only spouse of an Aspie that deals with this! That thought stuck in both our heads. There apparently seems to be very little subject matter available for parents who are Aspies’ or NT spouses/partners who are with Aspies or other ASD people. (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

My wife and I have spent many hours talking about matters from her perspective and my perspective. We’ve had frustating moments when we just could not make each other see each other’s point of view. So the other night when this came up, the idea stuck in my head. So here I am, attempting to give us all a voice and maybe, just maybe be a bridge, or a resource to those of us, Aspie’s, NT’s etc. who  need it.

I am reminded of something someone at my job said years ago, “instead of concentrating on how each group is different, I am going to use my voice instead to point to how we’re all so similar to each other.”  It is my sincere hope that you will read the words of my blog and be inspired, be encouraged, or just be reminded that you are not alone, and you are not the only one going through your situation.