Friendship is born the moment one person says to another: “What? You too! I thought I was the only one!”

-C.S. Lewis

I originally thought that I was just going to post this quote as a “Quote of the Day” type thing. But when I re-read it I realized it triggered something in me to write.

On my wife’s blog Aspie Writer, she touches on the fact that she had and still has a hard time socializing, picking up on non-verbal cues necessary for successful social interaction, and fitting in with people.

This has been true throughout our marriage. While we lived in New York, it was easier to deal with this. She had her brothers who would come over and hang out, or we’d go to her Aunt’s house or her Grandmother’s house. (Remember at this time she was not diagnosed yet). I had two friends who would come over and we’d all watch movies or play board games. But making new friends for her was not only hard, it was traumatic.

She’s mentioned in the book she is blogging that I was always something of a social butterfly. (There is much more to this that does not bear going into here), so I had plenty of friends and making new ones was not that hard for me. I have to admit while reading the blogs she’s been posting, it sometimes has damn near broken my heart to read what she had to go through.

Even in adulthood she has been so very lonely.

Now that she’s started blogging I can’t tell you how much it means that she’s discovered so many people who she can relate to. The introduction of “virtual friends” into her world has given her so much happiness. It’s been thrilling to watch her discover new friends and interact with everyone. She’s truly found her niche I think in blogging about her autism.

So to everyone who reads this blog, or came here because she directed you from her blog, or who just finds your way here and then find your way there to her blog and become involved with her there, thank you so very much. And I hope you enjoy reading both of our blogs.