“They” were wrong.

This is an excellent post I found. Had to share it. Will comment more on it later.



I truly enjoyed this post. One I liked her stance on her kids privacy. I don’t agree with it 100%, but still I admire the points she made.  I admit to not thinking of this topic from her perspective before.

Two: I understand how the health care professionals got it all wrong. All those people examining her kids and completely ignoring what her concerns were. We have been through the exact same thing. One specialist even went so far as to tell my wife, it’s all in your head…your symptoms are made up!  And this was a specialist…(we have since come to find that a very well respected doctor in our community and him were good friends, to the point where the specialist gave the other doctor’s wife a horse! But when the doctor’s wife went to the specialist, she went for one visit and never went back because of the way she was treated by him.)

If you have suspicions, that what you or your kids are going through is autims related,  gather you facts! Do your own research! Go into that office armed forearmed with foreknowledge. I admit that I was beginning to lose hope of ever finding out why my wife had the issues she had. I had honestly NEVER heard of some of the things she was complaining of, like hearing the filaments in the lights or smelling the trash from outside when I couldn’t smell anything, or needed sunglasses everywhere.

I remember reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and thinking WOW this girl sounds like my wife and watching Bones and saying hey that reminds of you, when Dr. Brennan was interacting with Agent Boothe.

When she showed me her research on Aspergers Syndrome we KNEW…we had found it! Getting the healthcare profession on board was another chapter….but in the end she got the doctor that mattered most on her side. Now, knowing what we do about Asperger’s we can SEE it developing in our children. We can see their symptoms and how they are displayed and KNOW what they are.

Today we had a VERY encouraging pair of meetings, first with the teachers in his school, and second with the director of special/gifted services in the school district. The results, is that the school is starting the necessary steps to have my 8 year old evaluated and we started the process to have my 13 year old evaluated, and got information for some people in our area who sponsor evaluations for our 2 year old.

I am very encouraged. But for those of you who are still struggling in this area…gather all your research, and show it to your doctor. Go to your school board, (not the school, but rather find out where the faculty of your school districts are located and go directly to them yourself with your research).

Don’t take no for an answer. Keep perservering. It’s ok to have your doubts too…so make sure you’re convinced. If not, keep researching and either still your doubts or choose to keep looking. But don’t let anyone discourage you.