Today my wife showed me the top results of a Google search of autistic people should…the top results were :

     “Autistic people should be killed”

     “Autistic people should die”

     “Autistic people should exterminated”  and

     “Autistic people shouldn’t have kids”

And I have to ask WTF????

(I apologize in advance for any offense someone may take, just in case because  I see myself getting angry here).

First…I think that anyone writing articles like this have to be writing them out of sheer ignorance or a desire to get their fifteen minutes of fame. Everyone  is entitled to their opinion, as wrong and insane as it is. However, spewing hate and intolerance … in my opinion is akin to pouring gasoline on a person and then holding a match out to people passing by daring them to light a fire.

Now I will give you some more of my humble opinion. If the people writing those articles actually really knew anyone with autism, they’d never write another article again.  Now granted, I only have experience with people with Asperger’s Syndrome. But let me tell you something.

Did you know that people with Asperger’s cannot stand injustice? That they are LESS likely to break the law than ANYONE! Why? Because right is right and wrong is wrong and they are unencumbered by the annoying shades of gray that color the rest of the world’s perceptions. When NT’s look at a situation and analyze motives and perceptions and the like, Aspie’s look at the situation and say this is right…this is wrong…what is the problem?

Did you know that people with Asperger’s are amongst the most honest people you will EVER find? Why? They cannot abide a lie. Again, there goes that right is right and wrong is wrong thing. So guess what? Picking up a gun and killing a bunch of innocent people? Probably NOT going to happen. I don’t care what anyone says especially when they have no proof other than what the Internet said…or the news said…when both are colored by the input and opinions of people who’s opinion sway with whatever’s popular or the current flavor of the month.

So now that we’ve covered the ridiculousness of the autistic people should search results, let me give you more of my opinion on this matter.  And maybe just maybe this post will find its way into the top results for that particular search.

Autistic people should…be hired en masse by companies as researchers. Their ability to hyperfocus on something they’re working on could be completely invaluable. My wife, when she makes up her mind to learn something…LEARNS it…in it’s entirety. She will spend days, weeks, months whatever researching, learning, MASTERING what she set out to learn. (Not to mention REMEMBERING it). That company could be the company that finally finds the the cure for cancer.

Autistic people should…be given federal grants to attend college and higher learning for FREE. Give them the opportunity that some of these selfish kids who are granted financial aid in lieu of loans and go only to get that aid to buy their cars or buy their clothes with no intention of staying in school or paying back anything they are granted to society are given every day by the droves. Whereas Autistic/Aspie people can go to online schools, excel at it, get degrees (probably in record time), gain the credentials they need to gain professional acceptance and make a difference in the world.  

Autistic people should…be elected into public office, and higher office. They are more honest and have more intergrity than ANY of the elected officials, congressman and senators currently in office. And they would have the balls it took to do what is right for this country and for their constituents rather than for their own pockets.

Autistic people should…be given the acceptance in society that is so readily offered to others.  Black people, Hispanic people, White people, Gay people…all are offered the opportunity to BE themselves. Why can’t that same olive branch be extended to people on the autism spectrum? What makes them so different? I am tired of seeing the same destructive cycle repeated over and over throughout societies history. Can we PLEASE move on already?

Please everyone. What makes any person better than the other? Is it their breeding? Is it their race? Or should each person be judged by the strength and the integrity of their own actions? Or is that just too much to ask anymore?

Autistic people should…be treated like any other person. Why? Because they are people just like you and I. PERIOD.