I mentioned before that I am an NT partner of an Aspergirl and we believe that my children are all somewhere on the spectrum.

My 8 year old and I especially have problems communicating with each other. He’s a great kid and is smart as his mother (thank God, they get their looks from me and their brains from their mom).

(that’s a joke there), Somewhere along the line, my 8 year old has determined that when I speak, it’s going to piss him off. No matter what I say, he’s going to argue over what I said, the way I said it and whether or not he has to obey what I said and when he’s going to obey it.

Now being a traditional Puerto Rican dad, my button is pushed from the minute his little voice goes into that tone that just shouts defiance. You all know the one that I mean. It’s a battle not to resort to my mothers slipper throwing habit when his little voice goes into that I defy you mode.  His mother can say 10 words to him after we have a spat and he’s all sunshine again. Go figure.

The funny thing about it hit me today. I’m the one that is supposed to be the great communicator. The one who can reach anyone. My Aspie Wife is supposed to be the one with challenges with communicating people.  But her and my son speak the same language. If men are from Mars and women are from Venus than NT’s are from Jupiter and Aspies are from Saturn.

My children … maybe they’re the missing link. Maybe I am. But in our house, due to the sarcasm and witticisms we use…the communication gap can be quite funny.