Ok, I’ll be the first to say that we NT’s don’t always think the way that Aspies think. And some of the stuff we do arguably doesn’t make any sense to some Aspies. But when my wife and I saw this, we both stopped, cocked our heads to the side and said “huh???”

The sign clearly says “No Wading”, but there are statues in the water of kids and parents doing what…WADING IN THE FREAKING WATER!!!

Now we were walking by with Aspie Teen, Aspie Monkey Boy and the infamous Tantrum Tot…and what’s the first thing all three wanted to do? You guessed it, wade in the water!

Now I’m an NT and I have to say this made no freaking sense to me. Why show kids an image of an action they can’t do, if they CAN’T do it?? What were they thinking?

Some things just boggle the mind, whether or not the mind is an Aspie one or an NT one…idiocy knows no bounds.