Everyone check it out! My wife has finished her first book on Amazon! Please go check it out. I am so PROUD of her I can burst! She is such an awesome, talented, woman/wife/mother…I won’t start my never ending rant on her good qualities but please when you get a moment stop by and congratulate her! (And buy the book too!) LOL

Aspie Writer: Twirling Naked in the Streets--and No-one Noticed--Growing up with undiagnosed Autism

First I want to thank everyone who has been following along as I write.  Without all of you reading, I would have easily been distracted and lost my motivation to finish long ago.

I woke up to a sweet email this morning from Amazon letting me know that my Kindle Book (the one I’ve been writing and you have been reading) is now published and available for sale!  Yay! Exciting News, which is why I am up at my keyboard with a PB&J sandwich before the sun and now cannot go back to sleep!

Clicking on the picture should bring you right to the Amazon page.

New Kindle CoverThe paperback version should be available soon (hopefully within a week or so) and I will let you know when that happens.  I suppose now I have no more excuses for not getting started on my next project(s).

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