It is hard being married to an Aspie sometimes. You’ll note that with that declaration there was no lightning, no thunder, no mighty hand of God coming down to smite me. It is the plain truth. It’s hard being married to someone with a “genius gene” when t I only have the “where’s my remote gene”.

My wife is such a complex person. She is balls out, pedal to the metal, all or nothing, She has a seemingly endless capacity to absorb knowledge and retain it. She makes learning look easy. I know she works hard at learning things and devotes her mental ability to absorbing and learning things she wants to learn.

The end result though, is that she makes it look easy to learn, when in reality she’s spent days hyper-focusing and dare I say it…obsessing about whatever it is that has her spell bound at that given moment.

My wife has recently written her first memoir, “Twirling Naked In The Streets, and No One Noticed.” It is now available on Amazon.  My wife has not only written this novel. (which by the way, is a funny thought provoking yet easy read that you should check out). (Shameless plug, yes I know). She has not only written it, but formatted it into Kindle and e-reader format, and designed several different covers for it all by herself. 

The first cover, the stock photo we published wasn’t the right “size” and when we got the proof copy of the paperback version, the cover didn’t look good at all. She had received a lot of good feed back about that original cover too, so it was upsetting for her. So back to the drawing board she went and she came out with the cover which is currently being shown on the link to the book. I thought it was a good job considering she’s NEVER done this before, (by the way, she doesn’t consider herself to be artistic at all). But I digress. She received several feedback posts saying “What happened to the cover?” 

This put my wife on a tail spin headed into the depression zone. I saw all the signs. She bravely squared her shoulders and decided she wasn’t falling into the pit without a fight. She apparently had purchased that wonderfully idiotic program Photoshop  and we both spent last night we staying awake till 1:30 a.m. trying to learn Photoshop using YouTube and Photoshop for dummies books which I ran and bought up the street at B&N. (For $30 freaking dollars BTW!) (Sorry had to let that out). She had spent all day trying to learn Photoshop and fix her cover. 

Tantrum Tot was in rare form. Not letting her sit at the computer, and being very clingy. I spent all day at work receiving very defeated sounding emails. When we went to bed at 1:30 this morning, we hadn’t gotten very far. We knew what we were supposed to do but the stupid computer wouldn’t do it!!! 

So when we finally dumped ourselves into bed, (I had to get up at 4:30 later that morning to start getting ready for work), we were defeated. My wife especially. I could see the dark cloud hovering over head and the depressive pit opening up in front of her. To make matters worse, she can’t take her Melatonin while pregnant and I knew she wouldn’t get to bed till much later than I and now she was going to be awake and depressed. I really at that point couldn”t form two words together in a coherent sentence and had to settle for the completely inadequate “I’m sorry honey. I promise I will help you more after work tomorrow.” mumbled in her direction and quite soon after passed out.

I woke up this morning to her passed out COLD next to me. Nothing I did that morning made her even flinch. While at work today, doing my best zombie impersonation, my wife emailed me and said Tantrum Tot woke up almost with the dawn and was being very clingy already. I got busy at work and her emails went silent. 

Towards the latter half of my day, she sends me an email with the new cover. WOW was all I could say. It was better than a lot of the other covers we spent hours reviewing looking for ones we liked enough to emulate. Apparently she got up, squared her shoulders, dropped Tantrum Tot off at his grandmothers, came home and tackled that program. She won and the new cover will be uploading very soon. It looks completely professionally done. Once again her “genius gene” wins out. 

I am so very proud of her. This book is her baby. I have watched it take form, watched her wrestle with it, spent hours with her talking it out and editing it before it we sent it to a professional editor. She pushed a cover out last night and is so happy. She beat the depression hanging over her head, powered through and doggedly wrestled her dilemmas to the ground. 

My heart is going to burst with pride. Truly i see a tiny bit of the spark she once had rekindling itself inside of her. Again. I love my Apergirl. She’s a super genius. And a super writer, and now a super book cover maker!