Monday is my Monkey Boy’s 9th birthday!  And I’ve been on the go since Friday…

Friday I had to do a Cinco de Mayo presentation at my job to help out my friend. It’s funny cause I’m not Mexican and I don’t even speak Spanish. Friday was supposed to be my day off, but I switched it with Thursday to help him out. Of course, I had prepared a power point presentation which was supposed to last about 20 minutes…and I get there and they inform me 5 minutes b4i start, that I had to talk for an hour!!! I was able to make it last 35 minutes and gave it up…but it went well all things considering. 

After that had to drive to my old town to pick up the in law and the boyfriend…which added another hour to my trip home. Then Saturday had to go shopping for the kids party and gifts…four stops/stores later wifey and I were exhausted…so we went to Redbox rented the Silver Linings Playbook and headed home. We loved it by the way…very good movie…

Sunday morning  started cleaning like a madman..but Tantrum Tot was living up to his name in spades. Now cleaning, it should be noted…my aspie kids….they’re Messy Marvin meets the Tasmanian Devil. And no matter how much I beg, cajole, or threaten….they can’t seem to understand or get the concept of cleaning up after themselves. It’s exhausting. The result is that even if we did have friends, I’d never have them over. I’d be too embarrassed…it’s that bad. 

Anyway, we go to the bowling alley and I spent most of my time dragging Tantrum Tot off the lane, listening to him scream and trying to fight the little voice in my head that was telling me to stuff him in one of the lockers. The bowling alley restaurant said the shift the night b4 had not cleaned the kitchen and we couldn’t order food for 2 hours till they cleaned. (By the way they were cleaning and using a LOT of Clorox and my wife had to cover her nose for an hour). 

Pregnant wifey needed to eat and fast …we paid for 2 over priced pitchers of soda and she leveled out some after the caffeine hit her system. We had 14 people there including my neighbor her two girls, my wife’s mother and her boyfriend, my sister and her girlfriend and my niece…and NO ONE but my brother in law helped me chase or even hold Tantrum Tot during the game. So by the time it was my turn to bowl, I was so frazzled and exhausted I did really bad…my 5 month pregnant wife beat me!!! 

Get home and have the pizza party (Thank God for Lil Ceasars $5 each pizza…the kids think it’s great and it’s cheap)…kids went nuts…party went great…dropped the in laws off and picked up Aspie Teen from Barnes & Nobles with Tantrum Tot in tow to play with the Thomas the Train table while wifey finished up her school work. Came home, gave baby Melatonin and now he’s passed out and I’m on my way to pass out since all energy has departed from my being.

Tomorrow is back to work and the grind…hope your weekend was as good as mine!