Happy Mother’s Day!!!

To all the mom’s who care for kids with or without autism…

To all the mom’s who have or don’t have autism themselves…

Thank you for doing all you do, dealing with all you deal with…sacrificing all you do…

My wife Aspie Writer is the glue that holds this family together. Literally without her we would fall apart. How she manages to do this, while dealing with her own presentations of Asperger’s is beyond me.

She is enrolled in online school, blogging on two blogs simultaneously, doing guest blogs, writing her book, trying to home school Aspie Teen, dealing with Tantrum Trot who believe me when I say is a full time job in and of itself, driving her mother everywhere like she’s a taxi service, dealing with Aspie Monkey Boy when he comes home from school, and managing to cook dinner most nights and NOT throw heavy items at me JUST BECAUSE when I walk in the door is beyond me.

And in the middle of all this,  she deals with hyper-sensitivity to lights, sounds, smells and touches! She battles depression and hoplessness…she battles with inferiority despite being the smartest most capable woman I’ve ever met. And she’s pregnant and apparently this baby has decided to try to show her who’s boss right from the start!

She manages to communicate with our Aspie kids  in ways I can’t. She has tremendous amounts of patience with them that I can’t begin to understand. She helps Monkey Boy with homework, she plays with the baby, (well actually she’s held hostage by the baby who is making her play) LOL. And she continues to do so day after day..even when it’s obvious to me (if not our kids) that she can barely continue to stand.

A reviewer of her book Twirling Naked In The Streets And No One Noticed said that I deserve a medal….in actuality, she deserves the medal, and the Nobel Peace Prize, and any and every other accolade this world can bestow on herso in conclusion, I don’t deserve a medal, I don’t even deserve her….in this… I am the lucky one. I am the blessed one . I have her.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! (But especially to my wife!)