Yesterday, my poor wife was subject to Tantrum Tot on a rampage. All day while at work I received E mails from her along the line of “he’s awake and cranky!”, “he’s throwing my coffee cup on the floor so I’ll get up!” “I took him to the park and he wanted to leave 15 minutes later and wrestled me for another 15 when I tried to strap him in!”

Apparently, he was screaming the ENTIRE day while I was at work. My poor wife was frantic when I got home. 

It didn’t help that the second I walked in the door he smiled ear to ear and ran into my arms laughing and giggling.

Of course that lasted only for 15 minutes. Then he started screaming again. So I kept him busy while wifey cooked dinner which was a wonderful surprise. (she made a favorite, chicken picatta) too!

Finally at 6:00 p.m. Tantrum Tot laid himself down on the sofa with his sippy cup. I ran and got him a Melatonin and he passed out two hours earlier than usual. The picture above is how he looked once he passed out.

My poor wife was overloaded and defeated. We ended up turning in early so she could decompress and get some rest. 

This morning, Tantrum Tot was up before the sun. I’m staying home to let my wife get some sleep. But he’s going to day care today!