I picked up Tantrum Tot early today. I dropped him off at day care this morning at approximately 8:00-ish. As usual whenever we drop him off he screams bloody murder, and twists in his teachers arms reaching both hands out to me and screaming DADDY!!!

This might work better on me if I hadn’t seen it with his two brothers and KNEW that 10 minutes out the door, he’s fine.

Anyway I usually get home around 5:15 and go get him around 5:30…today since I didn’t go in to work, I went  to pick him up early at 4:00. After we got back home I had to run out and buy some frozen french fries for dinner tonight…I got back after a 15 minute trip to Harris Teeter (my new favorite grocery store)….I came in the back door, walked through the kitchen to the living room to find Tantrum Tot passed out on his pillow!!! NOT GOOD!!!

My wife said he took her by the hand, took her to our room, pointed to the bed….told her GO….waited till she got under the covers, took the drink she had on the nightstand, (my wife ALWAYS has a drink on her nightstand), went to the door, WAVED at her, closed her door and went and layed down on the sofa with his pillow and passed out!!!

I believe the appropriate terminology in this scenario is WE ARE SCREWED!! He may stay asleep for the night but most likely will wake up at around 11 wanting to stay up for another 8 hours!

Let us pray….