(This post is written  entirely out of exhaustion and sarcasm. Please don’t take anything too seriously, no children were bound and gagged in order for this post to be made).

If you’re only now tuning in, I’ve been awake since 5 a.m. yesterday morning. Last night, I had major guilt which made it hard to fall asleep, (see the post just prior to this one for explanation) and when it finally seemed like I would pass out (last night), my wife was awoken by a mutant sized palmetto bug, (which should be the freaking state bird of South Carolina, let me tell you), crawling across her shoulders.

Couple that with Aspie Teen who is back on his Adderall and hasn’t yet fully adjusted to having it in his bloodstream, staying awake all night (on the floor of our room no less), talking to her every time she moved, (he was lonely and was on the floor on her side of the bed), wifey didn’t get but maybe 3 hours of sleep last night either.

This morning I was home from work so I can go to the Doctor (whom I LOVE but I HATE his office because my appointment was for 8:45 and I didn’t get out of there till 12:30 and that is normal for that office), and of course it was this morning that Tantrum Tot decided he was going to wake up at 5:00 a.m.!!!! And he wouldn’t even let me stay on the sofa with him, he kicked my legs off so I was twisted around like a Puerto Rican Pretzel trying to find a spot to rest!!

Needless to say Aspie Teen, Aspie Wifey and I were the walking dead today. Now it’s 8:45 at night of the NEXT DAY and Tantrum Tot is not only still awake AFTER taking his Melatonin I might add, but he’s riding his motorized Batman scooter around trying to knock me down!

Aspie Monkey Boy, (9), JUST this second finished his Netflix show, after jumping around like a Mexican jumping bean while watching, (to the point that I wanted to handcuff him and his little brother to a table and gag them with duct tape to get them to stay still and possibly be  quiet) and is crawled up with Aspie Wife/Mom in our bed snuggling himself to sleep. Aspie Teen passed out about 45 minutes ago.

Aspie Wifey is in bed being STUBBORN by NOT going to sleep when she can barely keep her eyes open. I am sitting here writing this blog (Tantrum Tot just passed out), and have to go iron my clothes for work tomorrow.

If I can’t fall asleep again tonight I’m going handcuff my SELF to a table, after gagging myself with duct tape, lay a pillow on the floor, curl into a fetal position and cry like a newborn babe.

OK enough of this wallowing in self pity. It’s time to suck it up buttercup and go iron. Good night all.

Aspie-Dad out.