How could I not re-post this? Although this isnt “local” so to speak…the concept remains the same…we need more practical help programs!

Autism Mumma (Jeannette)

As the Mumma of two children with autism, my thoughts turn to the future daily.

My children aren’t going to be “cured” of autism, their coping strategies will hopefully develop and mature but – as we don’t live in Neverland with Peter Pan – my children will autism will grow up to become adults with autism.

It worries me, it REALLY worries me. As I know it does everyone else. The Government is ever-cutting funding to local services, which means the local councils are having to viciously cut their services and invisible disabilities are invariably suffering because they aren’t necessarily understood and cannot be seen.

This is why I’ve signed up to join the National Autistic Society’s Push For Action campaign and I’d very actively encourage everyone within the autism community to do the same.

Here’s some details of the campaign (taken from an email I received, I’ve removed references…

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