This will be a short post…but I had to post it…

My wife, Aspie Teen and I were watching The Big Bang Theory when the Pepsi commercial with Beyonce Knowles aired.  Now this is like the umpteenth time this commercial has played…and my wife turns to me and says…is this chick supposed to be somebody we should know that they keep playing this commercial?

I turned slowly and looked at her in disbelief and said that’s Beyonce…and she said…yeah she’s supposed to be married to some guy named Jay Zee…

I was floored…flabbergasted…stunned into disbelief…ok….my wife isn’t into music as much as I am…especially NEW music…she contentedly listens to the same artists over and over again….I can understand that…but to not even know who Beyonce is? She is one of the most popular most played music icons in the recent past who has appeared in movies, tons of music videos and has appeared countless times in magazines…and Jay Z is the grand-high-mystic-exalted-poo-bah of rappers who has managed to branch out into most every branch of business imaginable.

My wife really lives in a bubble. This is the on going joke that we share. Because for someone with super senses, she really pays no attention to things like commercials or previews or anything…she’s constantly being taken by surprise by movies that are in theatre’s or how much this child actor has grown since the movies she saw them last in.  Now I’m not saying I am the most informed person in the world either, because I’m not. I don’t listen to the news, and I am the least political person I know. But even I know who Beyonce and Jay-Z are…(OK I admit to having a more than passing interest in pop-culture here), but again these people’s names and faces have been plastered EVERY WHERE!

It was just another reminder of her face blindness which inhibits her from remembering random people’s faces even though she’s seen them before. This used to manifest itself most often when we lived in New York and attended a large church where I would introduce her to people week after week and it was like she never saw them before.  I’ve only ever experienced this when I was sick with a really high fever and was walking around in a daze where I could not remember who anyone was. I don’t know how she does it.

I just had to stop and post it. Sorry…ok it’s out of my system…have to go finish my Sheldon show..

Good night all.