My wife grew up going on vacation every summer. Or taking short weekend trips somewhere every so often. She insists that the children will cling to the memory of these trips just as she with all her Aspie-ness has.

My family was dirt poor. There was no vacations. My weekend trips were when my mother’s friend from church would take one, maybe two of us kids to her house (her kids had toys galore and COMICS Oh my Lord the comics!) I would stay up all night reading Spider Man and Legion of Super Heroes and when X-Men were introduced I was in heaven!

Needless to say I never understood her obsession with vacations, especially when they cause so much stress it’s not relaxing at all. When we discovered her Asperger’s it made a little more sense to me why vacations are always so stressful. Vacations take the kids out of their normal environment and routines. They complain about that. LOUDLY  and OFTEN. Aspie Wife puts tremendous amounts of energy and planning into the vacation trips.  She makes lists of the lists she has to make. She budgets she plans. She visualizes this incredible result from the efforts of her plans. And then the kids strike with their complaints and their passive aggressive and/or totally aggressive reactions and her illusions are shattered even before we leave.

Aspie Teen’s routine is to wake up, help with Tantrum Tot and at some point slink away to his room/Aspie Cave and play PS3, watch Hulu and play online video games. As long as he is doing this he is content.

Aspie Monkey Boy, as long as he can come home, switch on Netflix, go next door to play with the two girls or the 12 year old boy down the row, come in when he wants and go back outside, he’s in heaven.  No fuss no muss, and you won’t know he’s there until they all come inside and drive my wife nuts with the extreme noise levels they bring.

My wife however, feels like a house prisoner. She can’t go outside, has no one to interact with, taking Tantrum Tot out in public without me is too exhausting for her. And now that she’s pregnant, her energy level and tolerance for chaos has diminished significantly. So she looks forward to these vacations even if we’re on a shoe string budget. (believe me no one on earth can do more with a shoe string budget than my wife).

However, once we’re off the real world starts chipping away at our plans, intentions, monetary reserves, patience, tolerance and ability to deal.

Onward my friends….follow us on our “getaway”. (insert maniacal laugh).