The Journey

OK so we (by we  I mean mostly my wife) decided to take the kids to Carowinds amusement park in South Carolina since our budget was slim and other factors. Kids of course complained the day we were trying to leave to the point where she was beside herself and I was poised to strike at any continued complaint from the peanut gallery in the back seat.

Well first on our way there, the Jeep Patriot started giving us trouble. We got a temperature light and all of a sudden the car stopped getting power to the accelerator. We pulled off and while we were pulling into a gas station, our tire popped. Woo Hoo!!

Flat Tire

Well I limp into the gas station and unpack the entire back and change the tire. We popped the hood and checked the overflow tank which had fluid in it so we just let the engine cool off for a while. The light disappeared, the car started running fine again so we continued on our way.

The Hotel

She got a GREAT deal on the hotel like she always does…we were in a 2 room suite with 2 full beds and a full sleeper in the other room, full kitchen and free breakfast every day. We usually find a time share with a full kitchen so we can do a small shopping and feed ourselves in our rooms for most meals instead of drive thru’s etc. every meal. (You can REALLY save big doing that, and you don’t have to worry about waking up early so you won’t miss breakfast hours either).

So we get to the hotel, our room is kind of nice. (We’ve stayed in bad rooms before believe me). BUT the last guests had completely pulled the molding off the door frame and we were worried about the baby getting hurt. And then my wife noticed the ad on the internet when she booked the room said 2 bedroom suite, not 2 room suite. AND there was no table and chairs in the room like the ad said. AND they said free breakfasts had been discontinued since they just opened a new restaurant in the hotel. AND the pool wasn’t usable because some other guest decided to throw a glass into it from the eighth floor the night before.

OK so now I have to call the front desk. The only thing I cared about was the door frame cause honestly, every one in my family sleeps late except for me so they miss breakfast anyway. And we had 2 beds and a sleeper so we had more than enough room. We didn’t have a table and chairs but we had 2 desks we’d be fine.

But my wife HAD to have me call cause damn it the ad said this and we weren’t getting this! She cannot abide that, cause she feels it’s dishonest and it goes against her literal minded nature. However even though she’s the one who has the issues, I  get to be the one who makes the call. So I call down and explain and though we didn’t get a discounted rate or meal vouchers or anything they moved us to another room since the molding was really a safety issue, and they agreed to continue their continental breakfast for another 3 days.

The Park

OK first off let’s get this straight. Carowinds is NO Disney. It’s no Universal. Hell it’s not even a Great Adventure. While it’s a nice park, large, 2 wave pools, kiddie water areas, water rides, plenty of roller coasters etc. the biggest difference is that Disney’s biggest pro in it’s favor, is the customer service.  And the Fast Pass accommodations. And the food. And the food here at Carowinds in the park is not only BAD but incredibly expensive.

Here at Carowinds, I’m guessing this fast pass and accommodating people with disabilities is fairly new. However, the staff manning the rides have NO idea what they’re doing. Each person told us a different thing. The pass its self says no waiting, yet each person tried to have us wait. One person tried pulling the children for whom the pass was issued off to the side while the accompanying parent waited on the line and when they reached the front, the kids would then be able to cut the line and go on with the adult (so in essence wanted the autistic child to wait in a separate area ALONE while their parent stood on line.) Another person tried to have the kids stay online with us and when we reached the front usher us through the handicap entrance. And each person was not only clueless to how their accommodation pass should work, but they were either completely disinterested or flat out annoyed because of it.

I had to keep my wife on a short leash because she was ready to take people down!

Other than that the kids had a good albeit short day.