OK I was sitting here looking at other people’s blogs, feeling a little intimidated and impotent when I consider some of the posts I’ve blogged about in the past…honestly today I am just feeling BLAH and didn’t have a lot left in me to put up a post and was crossed between feeling like I was frustrated of having nothing to say and feeling like I just could give a shit today.

Work was BUSY and FRUSTRATING and I got nothing that I set out to do accomplished and  had to divert my priorities to fix other people’s laziness and idiocy. So that wasn’t a good day. Wifey was home all day with the boys and Tantrum Tot was especially Tantrum Tot-tie today AND she had to deal with her MOTHER which quite honestly is so emotionally and mentally trying that when I got home from work she was PASSED out!

I had to go to the in laws and pick up the Totster. Apparently my wife bought Tot a set of plastic golf clubs today. While I was driving home, I got whacked on the back of the head with the new clubs! OH JOY! We get home and his Tot-ness is screaming and NOT communicating at all, until he finally went to bed.

So wifey and I are in the dining room where her desk/pc is and  I’m at the dining room table on the ancient laptop I use. Aspie Monkey Boy came in from the living room, and kicked a small Nerf football across the room accidentally and it teetered from side to side all the way across the floor.

I swear to GOD I thought it was a rat! I jumped up so fast….I would love to say I jumped up thinking “Oh My God the kids!!” and went to do battle but it was more like I jumped up like “HOLY SHIT A RAT!.”…the only thing that makes me feel better about the whole thing is that my wife freaked out just as much as i did!!!

We both went from sitting here all blah to sitting here holding our hearts and breathing heavy from the shock/fear!

It was good for a chuckle anyway….