We’ve had a not so good week in our house. Wifey is tired and short of temper, and she’s TIRED and her moods are swinging left to right and oh yeah she’s tired! Her heartburn from the most likely hairy beast growing inside her is giving Zantac a run for its money. (When Tantrum Tot came out, his hairline started at his eyebrows…I called him Frodo almost immediately)….Today wifey’s hyper senses were in full swing and the kids were in full volume!

My job has been VERY stressful and frustrating this week. I’m trying to catch up from being out on our vacation, and its summer so the people I supervise are using vacation time and we’re very short handed and since I’ve been back I’ve been getting frustrated that the people I have working for me keep asking the SAME BLOODY QUESTIONS every BLOODY day!

Well anyway I get home after I’ve been drenched in the rain all day and of course once I’m home the sun starts shining…

Wifey and I go to pick up Tantrum Tot from day care, and Aspie Teen comes stampeding down the stairs and says “Hey Dad, can you bring back some steak?” Apparently Ruby Tuesday has been running a commercial all day about a steak meal or something and he’s been obsessing about it all day. Man if I ever asked my dad for a steak he’d belt me! Aspie Teen has no idea how good he has it!

Anyway we get to the daycare and they tell us what a  good day he had He didn’t even cry when we picked him up, (like he does EVERY time we pick him up), he actually laughed handed his knapsack to his mom and proudly said “my bag!”  

Warm and fuzzy feelings well up in his mother and I…we are SO proud he’s starting to communicate so well!

Well we get home and when I unstrap him from his chair, he immediately gets out the chair and climbs into the drivers seat and starts pretending to drive. I let that go on for a minute or two and say ok that’s enough let’s go inside, and the happy fuzzy feeling evaporated as he started living up to his name. I hooked him around the belly, brought him inside and wifey put the latch on the door behind us.

Well he starts hitting me now, cause he can’t go back in the car. So of course I lightly smack his hand after telling him no hit a few times. He goes into the fake screaming mode. You know those fake screams kids do? Tot is only 2 and has his down cold! It makes me wish his voice would change already!

Well we call his brothers down stairs to play with him and distract him, only HOLY HELL they are in full blast mode today! Every word, every movement resulted in high pitched screaming, loud bangs, Tantrum Tot crying…mommy is in her chair in the corner and I’m seeing the rocking begin.

I finish doing the dishes that sat there since I don’t know when…and throw the boys upstairs to continue the daily destruction of the Aspie Cave up there. (Meaning they can continue to DESTROY the room and make the oh-so-special messes they are so gifted at making).

Wifey apparently has watched the commercials with Aspie Teen cause she’s wanting steak too. Tantrum Tot passed out very early tonight, and Aspie Monkey Boy doesn’t eat steak, he wants Mexican chips and cheese dip. I scrounge around for some money, order the 2 for $20 steak dinner from Applebee’s with Aspie Teen’s favorite artichoke dip and mashed potatoes (another Aspie Teen favorite and broccoli (another Aspie Teen LOVE item). I stop off on the way home and get Monkey Boy his requested items. Dad is doing good, he ‘s got food to satisfy every one’s personal interest tonight, and he was able to do it without going broke! I’m all proud of myself…..which is why I should have known SOMETHING was about to go sideways.

I call Aspie Teen from downstairs and he comes storming down. He sees Monkey Boy’s cheese dip and cheese and thinks “Yay! Mexican!” I told him no that was Matty’s food his food is coming out the bags now. He sees the food come out of the bag and these were his comments:

“That’s not Ruby Tuesday steak” I told him no it was Applebee’s and he’s had it from there before and liked it. I ordered it medium well the way he’s been eating it lately. (I personally go for the medium to medium rare myself). I’m cutting the steaks into slices to spread them out between him, wifey and myself and he started complaining about EVERYTHING.

It looks too red …Dude it’s not too red I got it medium well…well it’s too pink…dude it’s fine…have some mashed potatoes we have 2 orders so you can really dig in….no thanks…well have some broccoli, you always love broccoli….nah…I don’t feel like it today….I don’t really want steak….YOU JUST ASKED ME FOR STEAK AN HOUR AGO!!!!  Yeah but I wanted Ruby Tuesday (which he’s never even had before)…his mother lost it…she was looking forward to the steak and sitting down together to eat it and he was killing her buzz with all his negativity. I really thought she was going to lose it! 

Apparently the minute he saw the chips and cheese dip his brother had, he became disinterested in the other items. He does this all the time. It’s very frustrating. He’ll want something so bad…and beg and cajole and plot for something and when he gets it, he uses it once or twice and drops it on the floor. 

In the end, he ate the steak and the cheese dip leaving the potatoes and broccolli for me to finish up. His mother had some steak and mashed potatoes, and halfway through the meal her spirits starting lifting. Aspie Teen is safely out of arms reach upstairs. Monkey Boy is parked in front of Netflix again and Tantrum Tot is asleep.