Typically, I’ve been trying to write this post since yesterday…we’ve had a pretty interesting weekend. Yesterday my wife and I went out to buy a vacuum. We dropped Tot off at his grandmother’s, Monkey Boy was next door at a party and Aspie Teen was holed up in his cave of Aspie-ness with his cell phone next to him, playing PS3.

We enjoyed an almost never happens lunch by ourselves at Olive Garden and bought our new vacuum at Kohl’s (one of my favorite stores) along with a shirt and 2 ties for me for work. Found a new bedroom comforter set on sale dirt cheap (and quality wise cheap as well but hell it was NEW) at Kmart and decided to grab it and go along with some new pillows for the master bed room. I was beginning to feel spoiled! LOL! We borrowed her mom’s steam cleaner to tackle cleaning the rugs that our Aspie Tribe have so diligently destroyed since we’ve moved in. (First chance I get, I’m ripping them up and putting Pergo down!) and headed home.

We get home and spent most of the rest of the evening and night cleaning rugs. Which didn’t come out perfect but hell it was better than it was, while Tantrum Tot enjoyed climbing in and out of the box the vacuum came in. Sometime around 10:00 ish we (at least I) passed out feeling very accomplished and happy with the fruits of our labor. 

Sunday morning. Wifey let me sleep in. I was exhausted from waking up 4x in the night to put Monkey Boy back in his bed, and give Tantrum Tot bottles when he woke up crying all night. Anyway I come outside feeling like I can go back to bed easily for another 24 hours. However I am greeted to the sight of paper towels laid down on my freshly cleaned rugs! Not to mention Tantrum Tot running around BUCK NAKED carrying a Rock Band guitar! 

I look over to my wife who told me he woke up at 6:30 and wanted his pants off so he could go potty, (we’ve been attempting to try to start potty training him) and he has it in his head that he won’t get dressed or put on a pamper when he wants to go potty. So he peed 2 or 3 times on my freshly shampooed rugs, not to mention ALL over the potty training seat we bought him. 

Monkey Boy is awake and bouncing off the walls hyper as always. I got up and made myself some coffee WISHING with all my might that I could turn this into Irish coffee instead. While drinking and trying to type this post, Tantrum Tot put his brother in the box, closed the flaps, and sat on it and wouldn’t let him get out of the box! Now HE (Tot) is in the box, making his brother pretend like he’s a jack in the box and screaming if he doesn’t do this or that with him in a voice so high pitched I swear dogs all over the neighborhood are trying to stick their heads in the ground.

I think I’m going to pour some Baileys into this mug. After that I have to finish cleaning the rugs again and do the dining room too.