I know I haven’t really blogged anything of significance in a long time. It’s been very hard to sit down and concentrate. If I’m not working at the house, I’m too tired to do anything but veg in front of the TV and watch either Disney’s Hercules (repeatedly) on Netflix with Tantrum Tot or Sheldon (Big Bang Theory) with wifey and Aspie Teen. But serious thinking has been beyond me for a while.

We ran into a rough patch, the 99 Dodge Grand Caravan that we owned outright turned over, kicked it’s legs up and waved a final goodbye. The 235,000 miles on the engine/tranny finally proved too much for the old girl. (the constant slamming of the doors by my proprioceptive Aspie Teen probably didn’t help either)….

We tried to trade up my Jeep Patriot (SO want to be rid of the thing) to a larger sized vehicle from a dealership, but was turned down by everyone and their proverbial grandmothers….we finally had to settle on a buy-here-pay-here place which we were VERY reluctant to do because every time we’ve done that, the cars have been total crap and died on us and left us stranded. 

But we found a lot that not only used the old van as a down payment, but they financed in a warranty with the car, and included gap insurance in the payment. And if we get into a wreck and the car is totaled, they give you $800 towards the purchase of another car on their lot. So we’re very hopeful that the 2002 Ford (Found On Road Dead) Freestar minivan won’t be that big a source of contention in the near future. 

The second vehicle HAD to be a minivan or something with a third bench seeing as how we’re going to be adding a second car seat to our vehicle very soon. AND we wanted a vehicle where the two oldest (and loudest) members of our tribe could sit…FAR away from the front/driver. My kids this summer are being their ultimate loudest selves ever. They can’t regulate their volume. So the yell-at-your-brother volume is the same as the comment over something on TV volume…24/7. Couple that with a very Hyper sensitive Aspie Wife…you can imagine the levels of stress that have been permeating our Aspie house lately.

On top of the van situation, the power source on wifey’s computer crapped out and we had to find a replacement. And of course Bestbuy and Radio Shack didn’t have it. So now we had to order one on Amazon..in the meantime, wifey was forced to use this ancient decrepit laptop that I use which freezes if you have more than one window running at a time. 

THEN my 9 year old Aspie Monkey Boy contracted head lice again…(you know I’m from Brooklyn NY and I grew up very poor and lived in some rough neighborhoods and I’ve NEVER seen lice be not only so prevalent as it is down here in SC, but RECURRING!!!! WTH??? Anyway, we had to shampoo EVERYONE’s head, wash down EVERYTHING in the house AGAIN…cut EVERYONE’s HAIR off AGAIN…it was exhausting! 

In a few weeks we have an appointment in Charleston SC to get Tot evaluated FINALLY…only the hotels are ASTRONOMICALLY priced  and even though my wife is refusing to consider it right now, it’s looking more and more like we might have to get up and leave at 3 am. drive down to the appointment (3 hours away) at 8 am and  then drive back without staying…won’t THAT be fun?!

Aspie Fetus is due in September and I have to redo the house to accommodate his arrival..but something is wrong with the air vents and the two rooms upstairs aren’t getting ANY air up there…and I think I’m going to have to switch the master bedroom from downstairs to upstairs so that we are closer to the baby, because wifey is freaking out about  our room being downstairs and not being big enough to accommodate the baby in it at all….and I think I’ve mentioned before that I am so NOT Mr. Fix It…I’m Mr. Call Mr. Fix It. However Mr. Fix It down here in SC charges an arm, a leg and sometimes a spleen to fix anything. And oh yeah the bathroom light in the downstairs bathroom won’t stay on and the water is running brown out of the faucet in the upstairs tub and when you turn on the shower, water sprays everywhere. (We did not know we were buying a fixer-upper when we bought it, but when we bought it, we were in one of those pretty dire need to buy now so I won’t be homeless next month emergency situations). 

On a positive note, my wife’s book Twirling Naked In The Streets-And No One Noticed, is doing well. I’m not quitting my day job anytime soon because of it, but for a first book/publication, we’re encouraged by how well it’s doing. 

We are going to be writing/blogging a second book soon. It will be on being in an NT/Aspie relationship, from both perspectives. We will blog the book from both our blogs first, chapter by chapter as we write it, and then after we do that, we will publish it as we did our first one, for our David & Goliath Publishing company we started. So please stay tuned for that and if you want to offer any suggestions on a topic you would like to see covered in that book please drop a line to let us know. 

Anyway, I’m currently surrounded by Aspie Monkey Boy and his friend running around in super hero costumes…Tantrum Tot running around chasing them in his Knight costume and my aspie wife who is so tired, she can’t speak right sitting across from me staring at me with glassy eyes. The noise levels are incredible and I want to bang my head (and several other heads) against the wall. 

I’m signing off…before I’m thrown off..