Tot is the very personification of strong will and persistence. (Needless to say I foresee huge trouble stemming from this later on in life).

Today, (just now actually), Tot was caught by yours truly writing on his thighs, hands etc. with a pen. Of course, my first reaction is AAAAUGGHH!!!! That’s never going to come off! And it’s going to be VISIBLE when he goes out in SHORTS! But I get a grip and tell him no, no write on you…and get him paper…which he promptly pushes aside and tries to go back to his thigh. I take it to him again and again he pushes it aside.

Now I take the pen and put it out of his reach. He of course gets up and chases the pen down. He tries to climb up on the counter where I put said pen,  to no avail. So his famous Tantrum Tot Temper transforms him like Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk from the cute giggling ball of toddler cuteness to the rampaging Tomaggedon Monster that we all know and love.

He’s yelling and trying to climb, then all of a sudden he turns around, picks up a hair beret from the floor and throws it at me. It falls flat so he picks it up, throws it at me again, with the same result.

Well this is not working out the way he wants, so he pulls back and swings a hit at me. Not once, not twice, but three separate times! Now I’ve mentioned before that I’m kind of old school about somethings, and kids hitting adults is something that I’ll never be able to tolerate well. So I take him under the arms and lead him to his little spider man sofa and place him in it and say No! (very proud of myself, the way I supressed my first basic knee jerk reaction by the way). He gets angrier by the second and walks away.

I look away for two seconds and look down at my pants and my wife says Look Out!!! That little rat bastard went and got one of his shoes and threw it at me!!!! (Rat Bastard is a Brooklyn euphenism and in no way shape or form reflects any amount of truth in it).

He missed me and immediately followed up with his fists again!!! So this time I take his hand and I spank it, and tell him again…No Hit!!!

Now I admire his hutzpah (spelling?), I do, and I was sincerely impressed with his attack and follow through, but I will not tolerate his attacking me. And he does this to his mother as well, so while we do understand and we of course love him, we do have to correct him and at least TRY to instill a semblance of civility in him as well.

Well of course, he starts crying now…and runs to mommy cause Daddy is “bad” now cause I’ve hit him. He’s two, so of course mom comforts him, holding him and rubbing his back while saying you can’t hit Daddy…no hit…it’s a tender moment and it gives me hope that my son won’t hold a grudge and hit me in the head with a frying pan while I sleep (like Aspie Teen repeatedly tried to do to me at that age).  Well of course like someone flipping  a switch, he goes from snuggling his pillow pet on the sofa to sitting straight up and pretending he’s a ZOMBIE holding out his hands and saying aaauuuuurrrrrrrggghhhhhhh until mommy acts afraid and sets him off into peals of adorable giggles.

I’m glad his moods are mercurial sometimes. It gives me hope that he won’t focus on the negativity that other kids/people will expose him to at day care, or in public. And that he will be able to move past it and go back to being involved in his little world without being hurt by those around him. It gives me hope that maybe he’ll be strong enough or resilient enough to go through it and come out the other side unperturbed if not unaffected. Hope waves it’s little flag in my heart and says “Hang in there big guy, it’s going to be okay.”

Then of course the mercury swings again and Tantrum Tot is now throwing 2 liter bottles of Coke around the living room. I take them from him and the screaming starts again. Only this time, he didn’t try to hit me. Progress has been made!!!