Sunday, Aspie Teen and I got a rare break…we got to go see Man Of Steel (Superman) all by ourselves in the big theater on our side of town. Tantrum Tot got dropped by the in-law, Aspie Wife was supposed to stay home and work on school work, articles for and go grocery shopping if possible. (See here for how THAT worked out). Aspie Monkey Boy stayed home and went to the neighbor’s house, (who deserve a medal for letting him stalk them all day long). 

First, I can’t let it go by without saying something about the theater on our side of town. It’s a great big shiny theater with great sound and 3D theaters etc. But we RARELY ever go, because it’s so bloody EXPENSIVE! And as you probably guessed by now, our budget is usually strangle-me-now kind of pretty tight. To put it in perspective one summer wifey and I took ourselves, our three children, my niece and a friend of Aspie Teen’s to that theater and by the time we came out, tickets, popcorn, drinks etc. later it cost us $110 to see Marmaduke. (Not in 3D either).

The very next weekend we took the same exact bunch of people/kids to the theater across town, which is smaller, only has 4 theaters, the sodas are a tad bit smaller, the large popcorn is a bag, not a bucket,  but it’s a great place none the less and after it was all said and done, it only cost us $45!!! OK Perspective Painted…moving on…

Aspie Teen and I drop off the Tot, race across town, get to the theater and there is an annoying guy at the front of the line asking a million questions, kind of like the guy who’s gone to McDonald’s every day of his life and still gets to the front of the line and takes 20 minutes to look at the menu when he gets there, but I remained calm, and didn’t even seriously contemplate throwing a rock at his head, after all I had to be an example right? Right…

Finally get to the front of the line, paid our $16 matinee price for me and the Teen, head in and hit the snack bar line. I had warned Aspie Teen in advance, we are only getting a large soda to share…because my son has a problem caring more for the snacks at a place, then the reason we go to a place…paid my $6 for the large soda, and in to the movie we went. (Sorry the prices there KILL ME).

What an AWESOME flick! I may have mentioned and you may have guessed by my avatar, I love all things superhero and comic related. I used to be a fine arts major in High School and the human body was something I SUCKED at drawing but because I was raised on comic books, always wanted to draw. This Superman movie is by far, the BEST one they have EVER made. I was dreading another 70’s Superman type flick and was hoping for something grittier. This movie did not disappoint. More to the point, Aspie Teen and I were able to bond watching it. We used to have Dad and Son days a lot more before…and this was just what the doctor ordered. 

There was a part in the movie when a grade school aged Clark Kent became overwhelmed with his Super Senses which reminded me much of an autism related hypersensitivity melt down. I tried to point that out to Aspie Teen but he wasn’t in receiving mode at that point so I let it go. He doesn’t have the hypersensitivities that his mother has, so I am always trying to get him to SEE or find a way for him to relate to what his mother goes through.  But like I said he wasn’t in receiving mode.

During one scene when a high school aged Clark Kent was being picked on, he was holding on to a gate post behind him, while some kids challenged him to hit them and stand up for himself for once. When they left and he let go of the metal fence post, it was bent beyond repair.  Aspie Teen has had big problems with bullies and people challenging him throughout his whole life. He would never raise a hand to them, despite being told that if he defended himself against being picked on, even if the school suspended him, he wouldn’t be in trouble, he would never stand up for himself. 

I mentioned to Aspie Teen, the only reason that Clark wouldn’t hit them is because he knows he’s so strong he could kill them. To which I received the answer. Dad sometimes I feel like if I hit someone I’ll put them through a wall too…enter heart crushing, teeth grinding overwhelming emotion instant for Dad. 

One: that I know my son has been bullied and I wasn’t there at school to intervene KILLS me. That he still after all these years bears those scars drives me insane.  

Two: Aspie Teen fancies himself to be part of his anime-shrouded world full of ninjas, jitsu’s and special techniques. No matter how hard I tried to train him in martial arts/boxing etc. he couldn’t get past his Naruto/Power Ranger mindset.  It made me grind my teeth that my 14 year old son would jump at this chance to hide behind this fantasy yet again and made me feel hopeless and angered…(not at him but at the situation in general). 

But with the movie moving on, I was able to put that aside, take comfort in the fact that Aspie Teen and I were there together, and both into this incredible movie. Just for this moment, life was good. My boy and I were happy together and even though that movie was 2 1/2 hours long, I wish it could have gone on forever. I seriously contemplated showing him how to sneak in and see it again! (NO of course I didn’t).