Today was a bad day. Unfortunately, these are becoming more and more frequent in this Aspie household. The day started with Tantrum Tot waking up at 6 a.m. and NOT going back to sleep. This of course was the exact time I have to leave for work to make the ride-share to work, saving me from having to spend more money on the liquid gold we put daily into our automobiles.

Aspie Mom has been having increasingly worse trouble sleeping at night. From gas to heartburn, (Aspie Fetus probably has enough hair on his body to make him look like a mini sasquatch, which gives her tremendous heartburn). From the aches and pains of her rapidly increasing pregnancy, to the sleeplessness and night terrors which plague her normally, she gets  less and less sleep at any given time.

Couple this with how overwhelmed she’s been lately, with Aspie Monkey Boy home all day, and the girls next door over more often, and Tantrum Tot giving her a hard time in the morning before daycare, the new class she’s taking in school (online), the new gig, and her ever present ever annoying mother demanding rides to this place and that place, a lot of the routines she’s developed to keep her grounded have been blown to bits, leaving her rattled and floundering around some days.

Today when Tantrum Tot woke up at 6, she LOST it. I ended up staying later than usual, and missing the ride share so I could comfort her and take the baby to day care before I left. I then had to drive in to work. Now Tantrum Tot usually gives his mother hell to get dressed each day. Today, arms up pants down, shoes on in 5 minute flat. His mother was fit to be tied. After I got him dressed he picked up his bag, put it on his shoulder and waved good bye to his mother! (this kid is going to get me killed one day I swear).

I come back, wifey is in bed attempting to calm herself down. I switch cars with her, and head off on I-95 towards my job. I get there and today we had a ROUGH hectic day, with things not going wrong exactly, it’s just that things were not happening fast enough, and some things were done one way by another place which threw us off completely when we received them at our place. (I’m sorry if that was confusing, I absolutely refuse to be specific as to what I do for a living). ANYWAY on top of going in late, at the end of the day I had to stay late in order to make sure something happened that absolutely had to happen. The problem was most of it depended on somebody ELSE doing their job first before I could do what I needed to do.

In the midst of that I got into a huge argument with a bill collector that called me at work to accuse me of not paying them and just sitting on the money instead of paying what I owed them. It got me so upset that I am not going to talk about it here. Needless to say that the person I was talking to is lucky I don’t know where they live.

OK so I get home and wifey and I go to pick up the tot. We get him, he’s been crying but has a huge smile and hugs for us when we walk in. We put happy baby in the van and head off the car lot to look at another vehicle. (LONG STORY). Tot starts SCREAMING at the top of his lungs. He apparently didn’t want to go that direction. He ended up passing out from screaming in the van before we got him home. I cancelled looking at the car lot in the midst of his kick the back of the drivers seat while screaming at the top of his lungs tantrum.

I get home and Monkey Boy is trying to not bust a gut, because he wants a new Wii game and mom told him he couldn’t talk about it all day until Dad got home. (Thanks a LOT Mom!) Anyway he runs up to me, I did what you said, I didn’t talk about it all day can we get it now? I had to run to the grocery store to buy chips anyway so I say I’ll pick it up. That began what ended up being 4 runs to the store to replace the game, only to have them finally hand over a brand new one, only to bring it home to have it still not work!

Keep in mind, each of the times I went back, I was in the middle of trying to make a salad for wifey and me and cook the Monkey Boy’s dinner. (Aspie Teen was having left overs). So now mom has her salad, Monkey Boy’s dinner is made and my salad is getting browner by the second. But I went back a few more times until finally the guy at the store just upgraded me to a new game instead of a used one. Except that when I get home, the NEW game doesn’t work either! Monkey Boy LOST it…meltdown central! He went next door to his friends house, to see if the game would play there but their mother had to go to work early the next day and sent him right back home.

I heard his meltdown in the dining room, while he was outside the house! I had to run, bring him in, throw him in my room before he wakes up his brother and calm him down and threaten his life if he woke up his brother. He went ON and ON and then REFUSED to eat dinner.  Now finally wifey is in bed, Teen is up in his Aspie-Cave, Monkey Boy si finally eating  his dinner in front of Netflix and Tot is still passed out and I’m begging God Almighty to have him sleep through the night.

As soon as I upload this I’m gone.