Today Tantrum Tot refused to go to day care. This was surprising to his mother because he has reached the point where he will not only happily walk into the daycare on his own, but  will also turn around and wave to you after you walk back to the door! (Unless of course it’s me dropping him off, then he screams bloody murder).

Also,when we pick him up at the end of the day, he no longer bursts into tears, but rather will run to us, hug us, go get his bag and wave goodbye to every one!

Today,after being dropped off at  his grandmother’s house for an hour, wifey picked him up, brought him home and reported that he was so well behaved all day she couldn’t believe it.

When I walked in after work, he jumped off the couch and yelled DADDY!!!! This of course made my day. Since coming home he has been very mellow and surprisingly compliant. He sat at the table with his mother and I and devoured some chicken…then while his mother, brother and I were watching Big Bang Theory, he sat in the middle of the floor with his toys and quietly played for almost two hours!!!

That is when I took the pic that’s on the top of this page I wish I was able to get a pic of when he was hugging his little robot to his chest.

He is now laying down on my side of our bed watching Thomas the Train (what a Good awful boring show), on Netflix, hopefully on his way to Pillow. Street and Quilt Avenue.

His behavior is slightly reminiscent of that old movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I think I’ll check under the beds for pods or something!