My wife and I were numb on the way home. Could it really be? Could we have made more of this than there was? After so long, after seeing him do things and responding to things etc. that we have seen and comparing them to what we’ve learned over the last 2 years about Autism, we were now wrong?

I wanted to be relieved. I wanted to wipe my brow and say whew that was a close one. However, I quite honestly couldn’t believe it. My wife feels like, they missed diagnosing her for so long, could we trust this diagnosis? To be quite honest, our faith in the medical community has been torn to shreds throughout this whole ordeal. We’ve been ridiculed, mocked, treated shamefully by “professionals”…True like I said in my previous post, these people were VERY nice and handled themselves so well…but can this be?

I still haven’t processed it. It still hasn’t hit me. Quite honestly I don’t know how to feel. I am still numb…I am still in shock and  a state of disbelief. Is that awful? I don’t know.