In all the madness dealing with Tantrum Tot’s diagnosis and the trip and the in law, I didn’t have a chance to post this. But I need to make sure I don’t rob the credit that Aspie Teen is due.

We have been watching Master Chef with Aspie Teen (14) every week. Aspie Teen has been developing his skills in the kitchen and this show is encouraging that. I have got to say that we are hoping this is a special interest that he continues to go after. To that end we are trying to encourage him to pursue it and he’s been learning how to cook.

I don’t usually like doing a lot for my birthday. Besides always being short on cash for the special events in our lives, it’s just too much drama trying to get a sitter for the Tot. The only one we can trust is usually the monster in law…and most of the time she makes it SO not worth it. We might go out, but more often than not just end up either making a dinner or cutting a cake on birthdays and special occasions. But this year Aspie Teen got an idea into his head that he wanted to make me a Master Chef Dinner.

So while I was at work, wifey took him shopping for the necessary ingredients and the pan that was needed to do what he wanted. He searched the Master Chef website, and watched YouTube videos on how to do what it was he wanted. He devoted his time and energy to making me something special. I am so proud of him. He did such a great job. I LOVE that he expended the energy he did to show me he loved me as only he could do.

After all the arguing, after all his pestering me every week for a new video game and getting yelled at for it, after all the oh my GOD how did this kitchen get this trashed AGAIN…he took the time to research, to watch, to talk to his mother…and produce THIS


Now I’m a guy…which means I’m a carnivore. I LOVE meat…Steak especially. My wife took Aspie Teen to buy New York Strip steaks…and he LEFT THE FAT on them…(WHICH I LOVE)…and he made mashed potatoes and green beans with butter, garlic and lemon juice. The steak was one of the BEST I’ve had in a LONG time. I’m not just saying this because he’s my son…this steak was SUPERB…he made it medium rare just the way I like them…it was tender, it was juicy and it was EXCELLENT. Nothing says I love you Dad like steak…unless it’s your son taking the time to investigate, research and purposely execute cooking said steak!  Well done Aspie Teen…Bravo…