I just HAD to say this…you all know that my wife and I just couldn’t get on board with the Dr.’s diagnosis that Tantrum Tot is not Autistic. I gotta tell you that I was pretty guilt ridden about not being happy about it. What kind of parent isn’t happy when they find out their kids not autistic?

A concerned one that’s who! I have seen the problems my oldest has…how no one, not even us, thought of Apserger’s Syndrome (DSM V be damned, it is a real thing and it does exist)! My oldest son has very real limitations that still need to be addressed. Early intervention could’ve done WONDERS for him. 

But when receiving that diagnosis, my heart fell that day. I’ve been tearing myself up about it…but after reading all your comments, and all the comments on my wife’s blogs, and FB page…I feel vindicated! THEY MISSED IT!

Aspie Teen has an appointment with a doctor very close to us, and who respects the doctor who originally diagnosed my wife. If they correctly diagnose Aspie Teen, I’m going to ask them if they can examine Tantrum Tot as well. Sometimes, a second (maybe even third) opinion is necessary. 

But thank you all for your support and your kind and encouraging words. My wife and I feel much better and much more prepared to continue fighting for our kids thanks to all of you!

Thank you all so very much. It seems so insignificant a phrase to say, after all I’ve battled and struggled with since Friday, and how your words were a healing balm…however, limited as it is the English language only allows me to say…Thank you all.