There is nothing quite like being walked in on in the bathroom at 5:15 a.m. by a wide awake 2 year old clutching a blankey, sippie cup and pillow pet.

After getting to bed at 12:30 a.m.  and forcing myself to get out of bed a mere 5 minutes before he walked in, I really wasn’t in the mood to play daddy.

But I put him in bed next to hi mom, covered him with a blankey and gave him a fresh sippie. This is usually the part that puts him back to sleep…however today he pointed (quite imperiously I might add), to the spot next to him and said “Sit”!

Knowing that laying down would put the kiss of death on my efforts to get ready for work, I managed to slip away and continue to get dressed. I thought he had gone back to bed and I had managed to avert disaster,when he came out the room again, (after waking up his mother by smacking her a few times saying Daddy! I want Daddy!)

He then made me walk him upstairs while he stood with his little chunky feet standing on top of my boots while I walked upstairs. We then walked downstairs with his demanding me to put on Netflix….so back in my bed he goes, Netflix comes on, I sneak out and go make my beloved Bustelo in my beloved cappucino maker.

My wife is up at this point, trying to make herself stay awake…I texted her I had to go and got in the Jeep. I feel horrible for my wife, but at least now he’s in day care full time and she can drop him off and maybe go back to bed!