I know I haven’t posted anything in a while. It’s been busy busy busy…and I’ve been tired tired TIRED!

I took Thursday and Friday off this week, to help my wife with running around. As you all probably know, it’s back to school time! (Cue the song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”)

Well a few days ago, Aspie Teen announced he wanted to go back to regular school. (My wife has been home schooling him again, for the past year). Well we were shocked and surprised, however, we wanted to support him so we agreed to let him try and made plans to go register him for the local high school. 

We have seen tremendous growth in Aspie Teen and believe he had the mental/emotional fortitude and a strong enough sense of self to handle the kids in school. He also has grown to the point that he probably could handle himself in a physical altercation if it came down to it….(but I know he wouldn’t ever lift a finger against anyone even to defend himself)…grrrr…..

Well Thursday, before we went to register him, his mother and I went to our first appointment in the process to getting an official diagnosis for Aspie Teen!!! We found a place IN OUR TOWN…no more 3 hour drives for us! (Which REALLY kind of annoyed us because the referral to this place, came from the same doctor’s office who referred the 2 year old to the place in Charleston, and this place starts diagnosing as early as 18 months!!! But I digress)…

Anyway my wife and I were really impressed by how they listened to us, and some of the things we were telling them, they seemed to respond with yeah we’ve seen that before, or that sounds about right…the next step is a 2 hour appointment with Aspie Teen by himself…and get this…it’s scheduled for the 27th of this month! That will be TWO appointments in the same month!

You have to understand that EVERY place we’ve been to here where we live, it takes MONTHS to get one appointment. So having 2 in one month, is unheard of! (don’t get me started, I can’t understand how I can get seen more often in a large city like NYC and have months and months separating each appointment  down here!)

ANYWAY after the appointment we went to register Monkey Boy for the 4h grade. That went relatively smoothly. Then we go to the high school with Monkey Boy and Aspie Teen in tow. OMG we went to the table where they were giving out info on the bus schedules…and Aspie Teen was literally SHAKING contemplating getting on the bus! To the point that the people who were at the table were trying to make some jokes to calm him down, about we got to get him on a good bus, look how scared he is!

We assured Aspie Teen that we were just getting information and that it wasn’t guaranteed he would be riding the bus yet…that calmed him down enough to the point we could get him to go the next spot. The next spot was to fill out all the paperwork in the universe and wait to be seen by a guidance counselor.

While we were filling out the paperwork though, Aspie Teen was doing his best to become one with the wall and the plaster hiding in a corner…apparently there were too many people there and he panicked…poor Aspie Teen…he was actually shivering in the corner…

Well this part almost turned into a nightmare cause we forgot our son’s transcript and of course the guidance counselor was by that time past the point where she could pretend to give a crap about anyone which automatically got my wife’s back up and I thought they were going to have a cat fight right there!

We ended up letting the guidance counselor leave, and talking to the Secretary about the special needs concerns we had. Well come to find out they really don’t have any special needs classes or programs EXCEPT  this UTTERLY ridiculous one that kids with autism or physical disabilities can take which trains them for skills in a job, and will give them a “regional diploma” but not a State diploma which means they can get a job in SC but that little piece of paper won’t be good for anything else or anywhere else!! NO WAY!

We get Aspie Teen home and we tell him the deal, and he agrees that he wants a diploma, but he was really freaked out by all the people there. (and that was only registration, all the kids weren’t even there!). At any rate, he is going to be home schooled again this year, but with an online school sponsored by the state.

We are continuing with the diagnosis process…he already has a diagnosis for ADD and we’re going to be getting an IEP for that…and once we get the A.S. diagnosis get one focused on that.

I’m tired just typing all that out!

Anyway I have to go…good night all!