You know you are in an Aspie relationship when your significant other can say this to you and you just roll off the pillow and go to sleep.

My wife has a very appropriate nickname in my house. The Princess of Pillows…(among other ones that won’t be listed here) LOL. This particular name stems from the fact that every night, she is surrounded by a mountain of pillows. One behind her back, one in front of her stomach, and two in between her legs. Not to mention the one her head sits on.


So needless to say this mountain of pillows leaves not very much room left for me! And then the kids come in. Aspie Teen is almost as tall and wide as I am. He is flat out not allowed in the bed any longer! Aspie Monkey Boy is around 4 foot 5. He loves to burrow under the blankets and pop his head up the other side and try to stake a claim to a spot in the middle.

Tantrum Tot will go to bed and halfway through the night come in my room and smack me in the head with either his hand or his sippy cup and make me put him in between us. Only there’s one catch. Once he’s settled, I can’t stay! He’ll either kick me in the kidneys till I get up or he’ll point imperiously and say GO! And since I don’t want him to stay awake, I’ll go to the foot of the bed or to the sofa. Just until he falls back asleep, (or so I tell myself). The problem with that is I usually end up passing back out and not waking up till it’s time for me to get ready for work.

But through it all my wife remains buried in her fortress of pillow-tude. I realize she needs this fortress. She has to have it. She cannot sleep without it. But when you’re in a king sized bed and there’s no room for Daddy, it can sometimes become a bit ridiculous.

I’ve even threatened to trade up the king sized bed to a queen sized bed. LOL Not that I’d ever do it. Most guys would love this facet of her Aspie-ness. She does not have an overwhelming need to cuddle. In fact she’s very guy-ish about not needing to cuddle at all. Even after intimacy….it’s lke wow, ok now get off my pillows! LMAO

Life with an Aspie partner is never dull. Never quite normal either, but never dull.