My wife is the proud carrier of our new baby, who is due in just a few weeks! We have nicknamed her belly “Frankenbelly” because the baby makes her belly SQUARE when he stretches out.

She has endured the aches and pains…the constant appointments…the summer heat….has anyone ever seen Father of the Bride II where he’s wearing a winter coat and gloves and hat in the house because the pregnant women have the house freezing? That’s my house now. This is her first summer pregnancy. We went to the doctor’s last week and we found out the baby has turned and is now breech!!!

We are slightly panicked and am trying to research ways to turn the baby naturally as she has had all 3 boys via natural childbirth with no meds or epidurals and wanted to have this one the same way.

On top of that, SCHOOL STARTS NEXT MONDAY!!! OH FREAKING JOY!!! I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s GREAT that Tantrum Tot is in full time Day Care and Monkey Boy will be starting 4th grade again leaving my wife alone in the house with just her and Aspie Teen (we thought he was going to go back to school too at one point. (If you missed THAT blog you can read about it here). But instead he’s enrolled in online school again.  Still it will help having the house semi empty with the new baby arriving and wife’s new gig with and still enrolled in school.

But quite honestly we are SO NOT READY!!! I STILL haven’t finished putting Tantrum Tot’s room together  from when we moved here! AND the a/c isn’t blowing upstairs and it’s too hot to stay up there during the day! We have to re-assemble the baby’s crib, since Tantrum Tot won’t even sleep in his crib anymore. We even bought Tantrum Tot a Thomas the Train bed off craigslist to entice him to start sleeping in his room again.

Aspie Teen being the big baby he is, (when he was young he LOVED Thomas the Train.  (I personally think it’s a GOD AWFUL BORING show but if it’s keeping the kids quiet)…anyway he (Aspie Teen) just couldn’t wait to see the bed put together so he assembled it IN OUR LIVING ROOM!!! And since the room upstairs isn’t ready, we’ve just left it there!!!


What we see when we sit down!

WE ARE NOT READY!!!! We bought a bassinet to keep the baby in our room with us for a few weeks…but OH MY GOD I NEED MORE TIME!!! OK deep breaths…panic setting in just typing it…and yet still I sit here typing instead of dragging my a$$ upstairs and getting that room ready!

Let us pray….