Sorry for the long absence but as you know things here are pretty nuts lately. Work is burying me as I am a good supervisor and actually let people use their accrued leave to go on vacations in the summer months, and one of my top employees got a temporary promotion to another department for 120 days leaving me to carry his caseload and all the other million and one things a supervisor is supposed to do.  So when I get home I’m BEAT and quite honestly can’t even think of looking at a computer. (Well ok I do think about it, but since my Jedi powers are drained I can’t seem to levitate the pc or the laptop to me on the sofa).

Monkey Boy has started the 4th grade, and while he’s come home happy, the mornings are a different story. The first day, he got up, got dressed and went downstairs fantastically, no complaints or drama and went to school with the neighbors happy as can be. The next day his mother told me he gave her attitude in the morning, about not going.

I took off from work today and since I was home, I got up and got Monkey Boy up and started getting him dressed. Man what a whiner this morning! I don’t want to go…my arms are itching, look I got new bites on them…(my house is right next to a “stream” which feeds into a drain, and with all the rain lately, the mosquitoes are out in force and apparently they find monkey boy quite tasty). I endured it all, told him to clam up and man up (not in quite those words) and keep getting ready.

Now while in the cave of Aspie-ness which is their room, I admit I got sidetracked picking up the $65 dollar PS3 games which were strewn about the floor out of their cases and was trying to find the cases to put them back in and told him to get a pair of socks out of his top drawer. Well he responded in a rude almost guaranteed to get his a$$ kicked tone, “You’re standing right in front of my drawer you get them!” (the distance between him and the drawer was about 2 feet by the way). Well I have to be honest…this early in the morning, I am not ready to deal with this level of attitude coming from a 9 year old who honestly thinks my sole purpose on this earth is to be his butler.

My first reaction was throw him across the room to the drawer and make him get his socks…(which admittedly would probably not be the best parenting decision ever made, decisions made at 6:40 a.m. without the benefit of coffee pumping through my veins seldom tend to be)….so instead I sucked in my breath and used my danger voice to tell him to get up and find some socks before I lost my temper and he went to school crying because he was spanked right before school. Thankfully he got the message imbedded in my tone and got his socks.

Did I mention that Tantrum Tot was awake? He got up at 6:30 in the morning with the alarm and while he was happy, he was not being very helpful in the getting ready to leave department. I get downstairs and Monkey Boy is now arguing with his mother about his bites and how he doesn’t want to go to school. Now his mother is not a very compassionate person when it comes to bulls**it.  She actually has a very low threshold for it… she briskly told him that if this drama continues in the morning, his curfew was going to be made an hour earlier because apparently he was too tired in the morning, so he must need more rest the night before. That brought on a whole new level of whining….

I made him a snack of strawberries, brown sugar and milk and informed him to eat quickly we were running out of time. Now he’s slow walking eating, Tantrum Tot is asking for a snack but doesn’t want anything we have…and he refuses to put his socks and shoes on (sound familiar?). We got Tot to put his sandals on, threw his socks and shoes in his back pack (the day care requires closed toe shoes) and now I’m herding both kids to van to drop them off.

We get in the van, and I drop Monkey Boy off…and Tantrum Tot LOSES it! Starts whining his brother’s name and kept it up all the way from his brother’s school to his day care! I STILL have no coffee in me and I’m heading back to Harris Teeter to get some rolls to go with my caffeine. Of course they didn’t have any rolls ready yet.

Now I’m home, and after having a useless morning of trying to contact Aspie Teen’s online school for an update on his enrollment classes while my wife CONTINUES to ask questions while I’m on the phone with them…a habit she has that drives me FREAKING NUTS.. .(she  wants to know all these answers to all these questions but she REFUSES to CALL THEM HERSELF!!!) (She’s going to hit me with something when she reads this LOL).  But unfortunately we still have to wait a few days for them to update his immunization record which is SO BLOODY STUPID since he’s being HOME SCHOOLED and is NOT AROUND other children…so he’s going to be starting a few days late…which is driving her nuts…

She’s typing away on her pc writing an article and I’m plugging away at this post. Sorry it’s been so long….I miss all you people and  your comments. Today since I’m home I’m going to try to get some work done in the baby’s room!