Today Monkey Boy got home from his 3rd day of school. We asked if he had any homework, to which he replied yes and we promptly took out his school agenda where he has to write down his daily homework assignments.

Now let me just say, we knew this was going to be an issue this year, because last year he had a pre-printed sheet with his daily homework assignments on them. This year he has to write down his daily assignments himself. So he said that he wrote down each assignment for each subject where the teacher said they should go.

Warning sirens went off in my wife’s and I heads! We opened up his agenda, and sure enough the words reading, math and social studies were all written down in the apparent proper slots….there was just nothing else there!!!


Now my wife and I had read a few days earlier the things they sent home as penalties for not doing homework, etc. and I knew that if he did not do his homework he would be penalized and then we’d be having a whole different conversation with both him and his teachers.

So I grabbed his agenda in one hand, and my wife in the other and said we have to go see if their still there. We went to his school and met with his teacher. We explained the difficulty he had last year, told them to please go talk to the teacher he had last year. We gave them the low down on his literal mindedness, and how he has difficulties switching gears or tasks and the dangers of interruptions…we described his melt downs and described possible triggers and responses to the meltdowns and tried to reinforce the fact that they were not tantrums.

The teachers were very attentive and listened to us (seemingly). Time will tell how effective these conversations were. But hope springs eternal. I hope all you other parents of ASD kids have good luck this year.