So we’re back from the hospital. As usual, it was a waste of freaking time and energy.

I don’t understand it. With all the achievements and breakthroughs and all the money spent on schooling for healthcare professionals, WHY is it that each trip to the emergency room or hospital is such a collossal freaking aggravating waste of time?

Now I want to go on record right here that I am NOT clumping ALL healthcare professionals in the waste of freaking space category. I am NOT saying that ALL nurses, doctors, Physician’s Assistants etc. are the same. That would be insulting in the extreme and as ridiculous as saying all people with ASD are the same which by now we know, (or you should know) is a ludicrous concept. 

But each and every time I’ve gone to the E.R or doctor I’m met with the same asinine stupidity each and every time! 

This time, the nurse asked if she should call the doctor and  ask him if there would be any pain medication they could issue to my wife for the weekend. I said yes. Let’s ask and see what the options are. 

Well she came in with a dose of Stadol (spelling) for pain and Fennigan (again spelling?) ..for nasau. My wife refused both. She WILL NOT take a medication that will put her to sleep. She gets panic attacks when she feels herself going under. 

Well the nurse looked her in the face and quite rudely said “Well if you weren’t going to take the medicine I wouldn’t have called the doctor!” I was very proud of my wife for not hitting her in the nose with her Kindle White!

Here’s the thing. We went into the hospital straight to the labor and delivery center because if we had gone to the E.R. they would immediately send us up to the Labor and Delivery center. We KNOW this because when my wife was pregnant with Tantrum Tot she had an episode where her tongue swelled up in her mouth for no apparent reason and she could barely breath through her mouth. 

So we rushed her to the E.R. who promptly sent her up the the L&D center. Once there, the nurses looked at her and said well we’ll put you in the monitor to make sure the baby’s not in duress (which they did), and NOTHING ELSE. At the end of the monitoring period they sent her home with a tongue still swollen…

This time, a nurse said “Well why did you come in today then?” Oh I don’ know maybe BECAUSE I CAN’T WALK 3 STEPS WITHOUT FALLING DOWN!!! MAYBE YOU CAN ADDRESS THAT??? But no…once again once the monitoring period was done it was bye bye.  Well the baby’s doing  fine so off you go….well GREAT the baby’s doing fine…but the baby could be doing fine right until the point where my wife keels over and dies. So when does someone address the issues with my wife? OH I forgot…you can’t….or won’t…or don’t care enough to. 

Again I would like to reiterate that I am NOT saying all health care professionals are idiots. I’ve met some really sweet ones who have helped take care of my mother and brother while they were in the hospital. But it’s the condescending idiots who act like you are annoying them because you are expecting them to do their jobs that really get me steamed. Unfortunately I seem to find these people more than the other kind. 

That’s my rant for the night.