Of course us being us, nothing in our lives is allowed to go smoothly or without causing as much chaos as freaking possible.

Two weeks before her due date, my wife is now experiencing Synthesis Pelvic Dysfunction symptoms. For those who don’t know, that is when pregnant women experience moderate to debilitating pain in the pelvic, lower back and legs regions.  Often time women can hear their bones snapping and cracking when they try to rotate, or change positions etc. One women I read about yesterday was an athlete and ended up in a wheelchair afterwards because of it.

And because they are pregnant, there is very little that can be done to alleviate their pain. Now my wife has had all three of our boys using natural child birth. No pain meds,  no Epidural…nothing. And she’s in so much pain right now that she’s saying it’s worse than labor pains and has tears in her eyes.

We’re in the birthing center at the hospital right now. She walked from the front door of the main area to the front desk and was going to pass out. The front desk brought a wheel chair around first thing, and I wheeled her right up to the labor and delivery floor. When we got here the nurses all came into the room and were fussing over her…that is UNTIL she said she wasn’t in labor, but the WAS in pain.

That of course slowed them right down. And immediately brought on the condescension. “Oh honey that’s just your pelvis trying to move aside for the baby..” Really? Four kids later and you don’t think I know the difference??? She told them about the pain… again reiterating that the pain was worse than labor pains…and again….”Oh honey, bone pain is gonna hurt” …WHY do people go into human service industries if they can’t treat people with respect or even like people???

I’m supposed to go to work tomorrow, and it looks like I’m not going to be able to as Tantrum Tot has no day care to go to. Actually I might have to start my paternal leave right now, AND ask for some advance leave on top of that.

Now ordinarily this is where you would call Grandma right?? I wish!!

Involving her mother in our daily lives is inviting more chaos and confusion then it is ever worth, and by the end of the day your wondering what part of your brain malfunctioned in order to get you to have asked her in the first place.  I wish I was exaggerating.

And scratch asking my mother or my oldest  sister for help, all of whom live in the same town as me. Same rule applies.

One day something in our lives is going to occur without causing so much difficulty that we need therapy to recuperate from it.  Eventually, the rules of the universe say that something has to balance out right? I just hope that my wife and I aren’t both confined to an asylum by the time it rolls around.