Sometimes just sometimes, I wish dark things on others…nothing too drastic, I don’t want them to get hit by a train or anything…but it would be nice if they would fall asleep under a camel with post nasal drip, or fall face first into an ant hill AFTER they at a chocolate ice cream cone…(yes I know I need help). 

My 9 year old (Monkey Boy) started school last week and if you’ve been following along, he’s very excited. He’s planned out his reading for the whole year. He’s in the 4th grade and he’s planning to read the entire Percy Jackson series. Each book gives him 13-15 A.R. points. (Some point system for each book they read in the reading renaissance program).  The goal is for him to get 100 points by the end of the year. Last year he got 175 points. 

Well we spoke to the school last year, and it’s much easier for him to read the books on the Kindle Fire than the regular books. The school allows the kids to bring in their e-readers as long as the parents sign a release saying the school is not responsible. Woo-Hoo! Aspie Teen hardly ever uses his anymore so we cleaned it up some, ordered a new carry case for it and sent it in with him. He’s a happy camper.

Here’s the rub. The Kindle Fire only tells you where you are in the book by percentages, (17% through etc. etc.). The school is mandating him to read 20 pages per night. Can’t really keep track of that on the Fire. We explained that to the teachers, but they’re sorry, they have to abide by the 20 page rule. We tried to explain that if he’s in the 4th grade and the typical book the other 4th graders are reading, are Nate’s Big Day, which in comparison is such a babyish book, 20 pages in Percy is WAY more complicated and advanced than 20 pages in Nate. But they adamantly stuck by the 20 page limit, no matter what the book. 

So Monkey Boy took the hard cover book out of the school library to lug around in his book bag. Which is very frustrating for us because we went ahead and bought all the Percy books on the kindle. Now he left his hard cover book in his desk at school and he’s having PANIC attacks and a meltdown because he doesn’t have any way to count the pages he’s read! All this drama and CHAOS because the NT’s of this world can’t get it through their heads how BIG a SMALL little thing like that can become to an Aspie child! And more importantly, they don’t seem to realize how this tiny thing has the potential to absolutely KILL/DESTROY his desire to read/learn! Is it worth killing that desire for 20 guaranteed pages??? NOW who’s not seeing the bigger picture because they’re caught in the details? 

We saw the same thing happen to Aspie Teen. When he went back to school briefly, he got excited…he got up every morning, took a shower, started combing his hair and caring about picking out outfits…and looking good…(a battle for him). Except that school had a policy about wearing an ID badge at all times. Well he would forget his, and run back to the house to get it from the bus stop and then miss the school bus. So now my wife had to drive him to school and he’d be late. But if he went to school late too many times and/or without his ID they’d give him an in school suspension, where he wasn’t even allowed to do school work, but sit in  a class all day and do nothing.

We went up to school. He had a diagnosis of ADD and this was before we knew or suspected anything about Asperger’s. We didn’t have an IEP in place. We worked something out that we would buy extra ID’s and keep some in  his locker and even one at the front desk in the office. But he kept forgetting them, and then the ID’s from the locker were used and they got left home and you see where this is going right???

Well eventually he got so tired of sitting in the class doing nothing that we were back to he was miserable getting up trying to make him force himself to go through another day. He started not talking again, and his class participation fell drastically. He stopped doing homework and projects. All because of an ID card. We went up to the school, discussed his inability and difficulties with everyone from his guidance counselor to the principal. But by the time we were done, he was back to being home schooled again.

Now remember, when Monkey Boy has a meltdown, Aspie MOM starts hyperventilating. She works herself into a Tizzy because WHY CAN’T THEY UNDERSTAND?? And since there is no immediate answer or solution to the problem, it’s VERY hard to cause that break in the pattern of thinking to prevent her from having a meltdown!

Oi vey! Someone get me a chainsaw….for the “trees”, not for the people… I swear…