Today it begins!!!

We are in the waiting room waiting for Aspie Teen to be taken back and start his official diagnosis!!!

Poor Teen has been stressing all day over this. It will be a 2 hour appointment for him without Mom and Dad being there. I changed my shift today to an earlier one, (woke up at 4 a.m. after the most unrestful nights sleep ever thanks to poor Tantrum Tot having nightmares all night), came home finished up the paperwork and threw Teen and Monkey Boy in the van.

(BTW this was only after I had to run to Monkey Boys school AGAIN because while he remembered to write his homework down completely, he did forget his HW folder in his desk and the meltdown was on It’s way because if he misses a HW assignment the school takes away recess for the day the bastards).

Anyway, the doctor just came and asked Aspie Teen if he was ready and if he wanted to step back to her office to which he replied “Do I have a choice?”  This set his mom off into the giggles because she’s sitting here having a nervous breakdown because she can’t go in with him.

Let’s just pray things go well…we even set up an appointment for Monkey Boy while we’re here so hopefully they can revive their official diagnoses and we can get the balls rolling on their IEP’ s!!!