We’ve been in and out of the labor & delivery center about 4 times in a weeks amount of time.

We actually thought Labor Day would be the day. She was having contractions fast and furiously, with them coming on about every 3-4 minutes for an hour.

On our way to the hospital we McAfee a list of reasons why that would/could be the day…which is right below:

1. Her tooth broke and now she can whistle through her tooth. But she can’t get it fixed until the baby comes out of her.

2. Her Psychologist called to find out if Labor Day had actually turned into Labor Day.

3. She had an incredible urge to take a hot shower and tried to contort her separated pelvis having self into the shower without me there to make sure she didn’t fall.

4. She made me clean out the attic and get rid of all the old baby stuff that didn’t really work anymore.

5. She got a huge burst of giddy stupidity and nervous energy.

6. Each contraction pushed out a fart.

7. It hurt when she laughs (which has been a lot since #5 took hold).

Well yesterday we went to the doctors office and we got stuck in there for five hours because he got called to an emergency twice during the visit!!

Now we are in the hospital again…but this time she’s 5 centimeters dialated and she just convinced one of the nurses to sneak her a popsicle! LOL

Hopefully the next post I put up will be when the baby is here!!!