Where do I begin? I would love to say that all drama stopped the day our little bundle of joy arrived. But you guys, having gotten a glimpse of the drama that surrounds our life probably know better don’t you?

I’ve mentioned before that I have a monster in law from hell. That is me being really nice in my description. To respect my wife’s privacy I’m trying to keep from just blasting the b[+©£ on here…plus you guys don’t really want to read all that. Suffice it to say she’s a huge source of contention instead of a help in our lives. The minimal amount of assistance she ever gives us cannot in any way shape or form equal to the misery and drama she brings in exchange.

The day the baby was born, we called her and picked her up to stay in our house with the boys so I could stay with my wife at the hospital. My wife had also mentioned it to her earlier in the week. She even said that she had packed a bag for when she had to come over.

So why is it that the day we called her and told her it’s time, she raised such hell? ??

I went and got her at 4:30 a.m. I brought her (and her boyfriend of course) to the house telling her to come in quietly so Tantrum Tot wouldn’t wake up. Instead  right before we leave she goes into the bedroom and wakes him up! Now all during the day she’s sending me texts about how they have him outside trying to tire him out so he could take a nap…and I’m telling her HE DOESN’T TAKE NAPS!! EVER!!!

Right before the baby is ready to come, she starts sending me texts fast and furious about how tired she is…Now after the baby is born and I send out the texts/pics/emails to everyone I can think of (not too many people as you all know we don’t have many friends down here except for our neighbors), I call the house to talk to the boys and she’s answering their cell phones telling me when am I coming home because she needs to go home! WHAT??? What happened to packing a bag? You knew I wasn’t coming home…that’s WHY you’re there at the house….that’s why we went shopping and filled the house with food and snacks! That’s WHY you’re there!!! But NO…now she’s actually giving me the crocodile tears and saying she didn’t get anyone to go feed her dog, and her blood pressure meds are home…and she didn’t know she was staying…

Now my wife has a separated pelvis…she had her first epidural in 4 child births…she knows the meds are going to wear off soon and she can’t take anything to help her sleep because of her paradoxal reactions to meds, and her past experience of being drugged into insensibility for almost two years by her “specialists” who were treating her, she gets extreme panic attacks when meds that put her to sleep are given to her. To the point that she will actually come out of drug induced slumber into the middle of a full blown panic attack. She knows that when the meds wear off she won’t even be able to walk to the bathroom unaided and we both know she won’t call a nurse to walk her to the bathroom. Plus she gets panicky when she’s left in strange places by herself.

But I have a 2 year old, a 9 year old and a 14 year old at home that can’t be left by themselves…and if I just don’t go take the idiots home, she will make their lives miserable the rest of the night and the next morning! My wife is in tears. Once again her mother has managed to ruin an occasion that would/should bring my wife joy. She’s not allowed to be happy. Not when her mother isn’t.  I would ask my neighbors to watch the boys, but Tantrum Tot has never stayed with them and he’s a handful and it’s overnight and my neighbor’s husband works night and they have 2 little girls of their own, and it’s already 10:30 p.m. so I can’t ask them.

What ended up happening is that I drove home and packing Tantrum Tot in his car seat took the two idiots to their home fully intending on never seeing them again. She doesn’t acknowledge that anything is wrong…just keeps going on and on about how she has a headache and her meds are home and she needs to get them.  I don’t trust myself to speak to them yet…so I don’t say a word because I know it will take one tiny thing before I do something that might have long lasting negative ramifications on my family…I drop them off…speed home…pack DVD’s and snacks and take the whole bunch of them to the hospital to stay in the room as long as possible. (The room had a DVD player luckily). The plan was if we could get Tantrum Tot to pass out maybe we could pull off an overnighter…


(The boys in the birthing center)

Well it almost worked. My wife’s meds wore off but they gave her Percocet to counter the pain (THAT is going to be a separate blog post)….but she wasn’t in that much pain…the room was a new experience and the kids were enjoying it…the movies were on…things were going well. Until my kids had to go the snack machine. And then Tot realized he wasn’t in a place that had locks….then it was running out the room…yelling at being dragged in…yelling and being forced to stay in…hitting his brother, hitting me…noise levels were on the rise…patience levels were on the decline…I had to take Monkey Boy and Tantrum Tot home…at 1:30 in the morning. Dragging a screaming Tot through the halls of the hospital. Aspie Teen stayed at the hospital to keep his mother company while I stayed home with the kids. The next day I got Tot to day care, and Monkey Boy to school and went back to the hospital.

We went back to the hospital after school and stayed as late as we could again until Tot once more started losing it…and home we went again.

Her mother started texting again on Saturday wanting to know why we weren’t returning her calls or texts. And of course she managed to walk her
@$$ to the hospital to visit but made us drive her home from there. She still doesn’t see what she did wrong and acknowledge that she did anything wrong.

Now we are all home and trying to get some normalcy established so I can go back to work in a week or so.