Being parents of special needs children is never easy for anyone, be the kids high functioning or low functioning, ASD kids, SPD kids, ODD kids…its all extremely challenging for the parents as well as the kids.

Today was my first day back at work after 3 weeks at home helping my wife before and after the birth of our newest son.

It seemed to go ok…I woke up after having nowhere near enough sleep and my wife (God bless her soul) getting even less than me. I barely made the van pool to go to work. Spent all day trying to close out the fiscal year obligations for my department (which probably would go a lot better if I possessed the ability to even balance my checkbook).

I got home and immediately jumped in my wife’s van with her and Aspie Baby in tow to go to monkey Boys Parent Teacher conference, (which was a complete waste of time as his teacher seemed very disinterested during the whole conversation. The same teacher which we had spoken to at the beginning of the year and explained Monkey Boys particulars with, who told us she’d work with him regarding making sure he brought everything he needed home and wrote down all his assignments is now trying to pass the buck to a student (another fourth grader no less).

We leave there and go get Tantrum Tot from daycare, he’s screaming by the time I pull into the subdivision.

Get him inside and he goes upstairs to terrorize Monkey Boy and our neighbors daughter. Of course he is screaming the whole time and Monkey Boy is screaming as well. Monkey Boy it’s a sweet kid with a big heart but he cannot interact with Tantrum Tot in a manner conducive to maintaining sanity. They are both too rigid in their thinking and end up screaming at each other which leads to Tots losing his temper and Monkey Boy going into meltdown mode.

During all this I tried to get dinner started but ended up being held prisoner by Tot in his room putting foam puzzle mats together while wifey started dinner. (She’s a much better cook anyway).

During this time Aspie Teen was asleep in the recliner sofa with Aspie Baby in his arms. We woke him up in time for dinner and to watch Bones with us. He gets up goes to get himself a drink in the kitchen and manages to shatter a glass.

Of course Tantrum Tot comes running over now Now I have top restrain the Tot and get Aspie Teen to vacuum the glass up in the kitchen which of course brings On another rage episode.

My wife and I gave up trying to eat our food altogether.

Now it’s. 2:45 a.m. and we just got Tantrum Tot top go back to sleep. And of course he woke up at the same time the baby did so my wife has the baby downstairs while I layed downon the floor of Tantrum Tots room trying to get him to go back to sleep.

I have a presentation to do at work tomorrow which I found out about today oh joy, we finally got all kids asleep and now I’m wide awake with only 3 hours till I have to get up and now the baby just woke back up.

They say the Gods must be crazy but right now I think we are.