Things have gone extremely wrong, tempers are being blown daily, the Tot’s new nickname is rapidly becoming Rosemary’s Baby.

I wish I could tell you that I could pinpoint the problem, or at least the catalyst when the shit officially hit the fan but I can’t.

Even before we left for NYC his behavior was getting increasingly worse.  Especially going to daycare. He would have some rough mornings before when he gave  his mother a hard time before allowing her to take him to daycare. Screaming, refusing to let her dress him for school…but since we got back its been a hundred times worse.

Even on my late night when I take him in to daycare before I drive to work…he screams now, at the top of his lungs for up to 20 minutes straight. He physically fights us now, hitting, punching, pinching and biting us. Nor to mention pulling off his clothes and pampers before we can get him fully dressed.

If I say “sshhhh” to him or “be quiet” it’s an immediate wrestling match. Telling him “no” has the same result.

Basically our lives have been reduced to activities aimed at keeping the Tot mollified. Which of course has caused a breakdown of other familial activities.

Monkey Boy especially has been hit hard by this turn of events. Monkey Boy loves Tantrum Tot…and also Monkey Boy gets extremely lonely very quickly. So he constantly wants to engage his brother. However the Tot rebuffs his advances of play with very loud and sometimes violent emphasis.

And when does monkey Boy ALWAYS want to start playing with his brother? Once he’s quieted down. This had led to his being yelled at on a regular basis to leave him alone.

His mother is at the end her rope emotionally. She is still dealing with the events that happened in NYC, coupled with what I know to be the increased intensity of her loneliness after getting back. Plus she’s trying to start writing another book and just started class again in her online college courses. And just to add the straw that is literally trying to break the camels back, she still has to turn out 10 quality articles a month for

She is physically, emotionally and mentally drained. And of course she then reaches out to me at work via email and phone. I’ve been away for 5weeks between the birth of the baby and the funeral trip to NYC. I have to get my department caught up. And its extremely hard to focus there when things are falling apart here.

Hearing the tension and stress in her voice and what leaks out to me in her emails, I want to run back home and try to help and make things better but I can’t. So I stay on edge all the time.  I can’t help her, I can’t help Tot, I can’t help Monkey Boy…I’m so busy helping keep Tot from losing it, or helping with the baby or cooking that the house is a mess and we’re’ losing our minds.

I tell you folks there is not enough Tequila in the world.