I heard someone say in passing this week, “Well you’d think with dealing with a child the way theirs behaves, they’d be able to deal anyone else’s easily.”
Wow. My blood boiled, steam must have come out my ears, and my insides shook like a herd of elephants ran through them.

When I had time to calm down I thought about it. It must make sense to somebody who doesn’t have a child who screams bloody murder when you mention the word bath, or attacks you if you tell them sshhhh, that if you can deal with that, then dealing with someone else’s child must seem easy.

Only here’s the thing, Yes our kids may seem like monsters to them, hell they seem like monsters to us too sometimes, but we know more or less (it always seems like less to me personally) how our particular monsters work…what sets them off, and hopefully what will calm them down.

And guess what? It’s freaking hard as hell sometimes/most times to keep our cool and make it look as easy as we do. And sometimes it’s only the fact that it’s our kid that tips the balance of the scale in our favor. Because we love our kids. But if we were dealing with someone else’s little bundle of issues, I don’t know if we could do it.

On the other hand there’s also the fact that I don’t believe if any of those parents unexpectedly had their kids stop speaking, become extremely easily frustrated because they couldn’t make their parents understand them, stop eating most of everything they used to and only eat certain things for six months at a time and start melting down at random for seemingly no reason, that those parents would be able to deal with those kids either.

It’s easy to judge…but it’s not so easy when you’re thrust into a situation without warning or permission and have to survive. But that’s what parents with kids on the spectrum do. We survive and we make sure our kids will too. And watch out because we don’t take prisoners either.