Today my wife and Aspie Teen are flying out on their way to Miami and the Readers Choice Book Awards.

I of course will be left alone at home with Tantrum Tot and Monkey Boy and Chunky Baby Boy and a house in a demolished state which I am making a personal goal to get cleaned up before they get back.

The week leading up to this has been a flurry of activity which despite herself, had helped keep her panic at bay.

This is the first time she’s flown since Aspie Teen was like two or three years old. And she doesn’t have me to use as a support beam/whipping post. LOL AND she had tho fly with the million and one question asking Teen who I shit you not could give an aspirin a headache and annoy Mother Theresa herself.

On the plus side she had to buy a dress and shoes and stuff to get glammed up for the awards ceremony. As any NT married to an Aspie spouse will tell you that is worth its weight in gold!!!

She did a really good job too and I can’t wait to get pics of her wearing it to post online so all the world can see what a hottie she is underneath the pj’s, sweat pants and flip flops!!!

So we’re sitting here in the airport waiting till they go through the gate. My wife has make up on and her hair freshly dyed and blown/curled etc. looking all pretty and panicked.

So do me a favor and go to her blog or her FB page and congratulate her and wish her well and tell her I sent you!!!