Today my wife and I were speaking while she was doing her Tasmanian Devil impersonation and getting ready for her trip.

And she said the damndest thing that made me stop and blink.

We were talking about how the doctors had missed Monkey Boy’s autism during his last evaluation. We still don’t believe he’s not on the spectrum with high functioning autism. He displays WAY too many traits not to be. His thinking, the way he deduces things, his inappropriate affect and intensity about certain things, the vehemence of his reactions on other things…we just can’t believe he’s not even if they don’t.

Well we were saying that I wish that the people who are writing about how to diagnose high functioning autism would actually conduct more research by SPEAKING TO PEOPLE WITH HIGH FUNCTIONING AUTISM. You see the doctors said one of the reasons why they ruled it out with Monkey Boy was that he felt things too intensely….(I’ll pause for the collective picking up of the jaws from the floors).

Do they not realize that part of high functioning autism isn’t that they don’t feel but rather don’t know how to process or express those feelings like everyone else? That maybe they feel things even more intensely than NT’s???? Are they really telling me that they think that high functioning autistic’s (or even lower functioning autistic’s) don’t FEEL???? I can’t believe it. They said that he did another thing that automatically made them rule it out as well but wouldn’t tell us what that other thing was.

SO frustrated with the ridiculousness of it all right now.