Yesterday morning at 2:35 a.m. I received the call that my younger brother finally lost his battle with zarcoidosis and passed in his sleep. He was 35 years old.

He remembered everyone’s birthday and anniversaries even before there was a Facebook to remind him, Every year like clockwork a card came in the mail not only for the kids birthdays, but mine and my wife’s as well.

He took it upon himself to go to Ohio and bring my mother back to NY to stay with him when it became evident she could no longer live alone, even though Mom drove him nuts.

He was the male role model for my nephews…and a major influence in their lives. He kept my sisters from tearing each other apart when necessary.

Everyone loved him. He possessed a dry wit and saw humor in almost everything. One time we went to a comedy club and we had to leave early. The comedian on stage tried to heckle us and my brother heckled him back so bad the room was clapping for my brother by the end of it.

He will be missed so much. I can’t fully comprehend all the holes the lack of his presence will leave behind. I pray I see him again one day in heaven.