So we’re on our way to N.Y. to attend my brother s funeral…those of you with kids on the spectrum or special needs kids know what hell long trips can turn into even in the best of circumstances. And of course as is typical for my Aspie family circumstances are always less than ideal to say the least.

We found about my brother s passing on Wednesday morning. Thursday I went in to work half a day because there were some things I had to clear up b4i left.

We were determined to leave as early as possible on Friday when we found out that the wake etc. was being scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday!!!

It took all day Friday to run around doing things which needed to be seen to before we left. Packing got held up and of course as you know packing for special needs kids means packing practically everything they own. Not to mention we’re in SC and we’re going to N.Y. and it was 78 degrees yesterday and tomorrow the high will be 30!!!!

We meant to pack the van, get some sleep and jump up before first light so the kids would spend the first half of the trip still sleeping while daddy drove like a madman.

But Tantrum Tot refused to go to sleep till 12:30 a.m…which means I got to sleep at 1:00 a.m. and we don’t get on the road till like 9:30!!!

And to add some more drama to an already horrible situation, my mother who is rapidly deteriorating into the forgetfulness of her twilight years, put her ID away and forgot where so she couldn’t fly up to N.Y. ahead of us. So now because it’s totally unthinkable that she misses her youngest sons’ funeral, we put her in the van and off we go.

Now I have to say that my family, when traveling, make the Griswalds look like high society. First the van gets destroyed with all the chips, cheese doodles, wrappers etc. They make the van look like a family of raccoons live there.

Second, you’ve all read about the extreme dysfunction between Monkey Boy and Tantrum Tot. Well in the van it gets 100 times worse.

To the point that I kid you not the Tot had Monkey Boy by his hair with one hand and was slapping him with the other and Monkey Boy was screaming at the top of his lungs, which of course makes the baby cry…and my mom is sitting there trying to shrink in on herself and of course Aspie Teen is sitting there with his head phones on and ignoring them and my wife is losing it and I’m wishing I had Mr. Fantastic’s super stretchy powers so I could reach back while I’m driving and bang their heads together!!! (All while driving at 80 MPH).

Then we had to stop for the night…which for once didn’t go too badly…until the morning of course…but I don’t have the strength to go into it all.

And of course while we were sleeping it freaking snows!!! It was 75 degrees when I left SC and now it’s snowing!!! So I send Aspie Teen downstairs to warm up the van and when I come down, the van ran out of gas!!!!

Get some gas and finally head out and the roads are so bad we can’t go over 40 MPH. It takes us forever and we don’t get to my brother in laws house till. 12:30 a.m. after several WWE worthy battles of Tot vs. Monkey Boy, wife vs. Teen, and me vs. van.

Tomorrow is the wake. Oh joy oh rapture divine. I’m already emotionally spent I don’t know if I can handle anymore.