So I’m in my living room. Wifey just got back from Christmas shopping with Aspie Teen and is proudly showing off the deals she found at the mall, (wifey takes great pride in being the cheapest person on the planet), and is wrapping gifts with Monkey Boy in the living room. While she was gone, I once again baby sat Monkey Boy, Tantrum Tot, and Baby Chunk a Munk. And I am proud to say that Chunk a Munk is sleeping and Tantrum Tot passed out literally 4 seconds before her and Teen got home AND I did it while watching a grown up show instead of Cartoon Network or Dora or Diego! Go Me!!

Anyway wifey is on the living room floor doing some yoga stretches in the middle of the floor amidst the piles of wrapping paper and gifts etc. She stretches in a way that looks like she is bowing, back bent, face to the floor, (ass up), hands stretched out in front of her.

Monkey Boy sees her and says “Mom! Are you BOWING??? What the heck??” Ever the opportunist, I say “She knew I entered the room and just bowed in my presence.” I would have felt good about the point I just scored if not for the immediate LAUGHTER stemming from Monkey Boy, who said “Yeah right who you kidding?”!!!!! Wifey fell out laughing and I wrapped what little shred of my dignity I had left around me and left the room.

I tell you I get no respect!!! Merry Christmas to me!!