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Rough Morning

For some reason,  the Tot and Monkey Boy are having a resurgence of can’t fall asleep at night even in the Melatonin dosages they are taking.

This is making for some rough mornings trying to get them ready in the morning.  Now my morning routine is insane as it is.  Get up at five. ..try to iron my work clothes,  and more their uniforms too,  try to squeeze a shave, shower I’m,  get my wife’s coffee maker set up so theres magic ready for her when she wakes up,  and then i get Monkey Boy dressed while he’s semi comatose. 

Then while he’s brushing his teeth which is pretty funny to watch sometimes,  get the Tot ready while he’s sleeping.  Then when MB comes out get them both  out to the car.  They usually would wake up en route to the school. 

But since they’re both going to sleep later now,  this morning we get to the school and this  is how they were.


Not good! !!!


Someone Should SHOOT …

The person who invented these motorized trucks and cars complete with sounds and lights.

I’m in Target and the Tot not only just chased a lady out of the aisle for touching his trucks,  but he went down the whole aisle pushing every button!!!

I am now standing in the aisle of flashing,  blinking,  emergency vehicle toys with a migraine coming on fast! 


Monkey Boy and Tantrum Tot have been loving their new school and coming home each day extremely happy. Especially the Tot who gets to ride his beloved school bus home.  His life is complete because he gets to ride his bus. (Buses, trucks and planes are his current special interest).

A small hiccup in this,  is that the Tot is now home 4 hours earlier than before and my wife doesn’t want him to go to daycare after school.  What you need to keep in mind here is that my wife home schools Aspie Teen,  is currently enrolled in online college classes herself,  works from home,  has Chunky Monkey,  and fends off constant calls from her mother begging her to be a taxi service every day.  Not to mention doctors appointments etc.

With Tantrum Tot home,  there is no chance to do anything else because he requires constant attention in order to keep him from melting down.  Add to that Monkey Boy coming in with his friends running amok,  and now the Tot trying to dominate the video games and/or play time,  my poor wife goes into meltdowns of her own very often because of this chaos. 

Today,  after getting only 1.5 hours of sleep last night and only 3.5 (maybe) hours the night before, my wife had to get up and go the Dr. who kept her there for hours before even seeing her,  then coming home,  running back out to another Dr.’s appointment, then driving Aspie Teen to the book store to hang out for a while and then having 5 minutes before having to pick the boys up from the bus stop, wifey was pretty darn near done. 

Monkey Boy went outside to play and Tantrum Tot wanted to go out with him, so since we’re in the very back of the subdivision and get very little through traffic especially at that time of the day, wifey decided to let him go play with
Monkey Boy in the parked minivan right in front of our house. 

Well they were out there playing in the van,  having a good old time,  and the Tot occasionally hit the horn.  Mind you I’m not talking about leaning on the horn for minutes at a time here,  but he did hit it a few times. 

Well a lady who lives across the street comes out and tells Monkey Boy he can’t play out here if he’s going to make this much noise,  because he’s disturbing her!!!

Well of course Monkey Boy immediately goes into compliance mode because he’s been taught to listen to adults. The only problem is now he’s trying to drag a screaming Tot out of the van and into the house. My wife who was working on quieting down the baby, now had to take off after the Tot who was now running down the parking lot melting down because he “couldn’t play out there anymore”.

Where did she get off talking to my kids at all let alone giving them directions and ultimatums!?!

Why didn’t her miserable chicken s*** @$$ come knock on our door and speak to my wife?

But no, she feels the need to go intimidate my son because oh dear Lord, she was inconvenienced! Again, this wasn’t at 9:00 p.m. in the evening, or 5:00 a.m. in the morning, it was like 4:30 p.m.

Now this isn’t about stop picking on my autistic kids, cause only one other family in this subdivision knows anything about my family’s autism issues.

No, this is about how dare you speak to and try to intimidate my children and not speak directly to the parents, especially when the parent was right there.

I don’t understand these people, who seem to think that they are better than everyone else, and are so self-righteous. I’ve never lived anywhere before where your neighbors won’t even speak to you when they see you at the mail box.

Their whole world is based on what church they go to, and if you don’t go to their church, that makes you somehow defective, and God forbid you don’t go to anychurch, then they just write you off completely.

Where I’m from, if you dared to speak to someone else’s kids without talking to the parents, you were going to jail, and that would only be afterthe @$$ whipping you got from the parents, while the police waited for you to be done .


Every time i think we improve something in our situation, something like this happens which reminds us how much we don’t fit in with these Martians, and reminds us how miserable we are here.

But I’m telling you something right now, I’m reaching my fill of people harassing my kids because they’re too chicken shit to come talk to my wife and I.

My Aspie Life

Living with a house FULL of Aspie’s can be many things,  ranging from frustrating to angering,  but it’s never dull and sometimes it’s very humorous. 

Today, I took Tantrum Tot and Chunky Monkey to Barnes & Nobles so Tot could play with the Thomas the Train table while mom went and got her nails done. 

Tot behaved perfectly I might add,  which is keeping with his MUCH improved behavioral change which has occurred lately.

Anyway, when we got home I was so hungry, I could have eaten cardboard.  But Chunky Monkey was letting me know in no uncertain terms that he had to eat NOW.

I had already pulled a can of tuna out opened it and cut it up. .. so I asked Aspie Teen to finish it up for me while I fed the Chunky one. 

Now knowing who it was i was speaking to,  I gave very specific instructions like,  use the sandwich rolls,  use mayonnaise on the bread,  add a slice of cheese. . I was very proud of the fact that I remembered to be so specific.

And then of course Aspie Teen did the most Aspie Teen thing he could do. He put the entire can of tuna on the sandwich bread! !! His reasoning, “Well what else was I going to do with the rest of the tuna? ” So apparently it was the most logical conclusion in the world to him.  Below is the monster tuna sandwich he brought to me. 

And shamefully I had to admit,  I was so hungry I ate the entire thing!


So we’re in the van going through a drive through and there’s some construction going on in the next lot. Next thing you know he says “Look!  A bum/bomb is in the roof! ”

Wifey and I can’t figure out if he’s saying bum or bomb,  but either way,  said in front of the wrong person, that could cause a lot of trouble!!!


I come outside to the van,  and Monkey Boy is walking through the field with his headphones on singing,  then says “Thank you,  thank you, ” to the crowd!!!


Wish Us Luck Everyone!

Tomorrow my two boys,  Monkey Boy and Tantrum Tot start their new school with the Autism classes….

Happy Moment


Enjoying a morning with a well behaved Tantrum Tot & an adorable Chunk a Monk watching Nick Jr. drinking Bustelo while mom sleeps inside, (she’s still sick)…

Here’s hoping it lasts!!!!

Success at Last!!!

Today wifey and I went to a very successful IEP meeting! After the debacle of an IEP meeting at Monkey Boys school 2 weeks ago where the principal insulted my son, my wife and Aspie’s everywhere, (and almost got an award winning book thrown at her head), my wife and I met with the District Autism coordinator, (whose eyes were bugging out of her head at that meeting), who encouraged us to come take a tour of another school in our city that actually had an Autism program and is fully staffed with Autism specialist teachers and aides and occupational and speech therapists.  AND it had a 3K program for kids on the spectrum as well!

We agreed though we had our misgivings at first. We were very impressed with the school. The entire time we were there we saw aides walking kids down the hallways. The kids were very laid back. There were kids in wheelchairs and kids with physical handicaps and everyone was very laid back and all the other kids didn’t give them a second glance. They were accepted as normal and included. The kids were allowed to talk quietly while they walked in the hallways. (In case I’ve not mentioned it, in his current school Monkey Boy had his recess taken away because he was humming to himself in the hallways!), the kids were allowed to talk while in the cafeteria (Monkey Boy’s current school has Silent Lunch for students although the hypocritical teachers are allowed to make as much noise as they like), AND Monkey Boy LOVED the library!!! When we left Monkey Boy was like “So when do I start?” And since he went on the tour, every day after school, “Am I starting the new school yet???”

Anyway, we had an IEP meeting scheduled for Tantrum Tot, because he qualified for services…and since he qualified under PDD-NOS, they had to go ahead and place his qualifying factor under ASD…so Tantrum Tot has his official diagnosis!! So now Aspie Teen has been officially diagnosed, Monkey Boy has been officially diagnosed, and Tantrum Tot has been officially diagnosed!!! The BEST part…is that they are now actually going to receive the help they need!!!! 

We are still working out services for Aspie Teen but the District coordinator said that even though he’s in online school, he still qualifies for services in this district. So we’re starting the process for him as well. FINALLY  a ray of hope in the storm that is our lives!!!

The next step? My wife and I have to decide whether or not to pursue legal action against the school principal for her actions and the actions of her staff who adamantly refused to consider or discuss the accommodations we brought forth in our initial IEP meeting as well as the insulting, condescending and bullying behavior of the principal herself.

I Just Had A WTF Moment. ..

Question….if my two older ASD boys had no interest in playing with toys  (and they barely did) then WHY the HELL is their room filled with so many old toys they won’t let me throw away?????

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